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Samantha This book made me cry... Tunstall why!? ):

Shannon I agree!! I cried too. It was a serious shocker I never saw coming! Now I don't know how I'll ever be able to read the other beka books without being sad!

Shannon By the way I don't know if you can change the title on this to add "spoilers" to it. I just don't want someone who hasn't read it to click it and be mad:]

Leanne I thought it was a bit out of character for Tunstall - I guess I understand the explanation given, but still don't think it was necessary. Still a good ending to the trilogy though with the roundabout to George.

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Tunstall caught me completely off guard and definitely made me start crying. The whole thing felt out of character, but at the same time for that exact reason it seemed to make weird sense... depressing as it was it made his character less 2dimensional, I guess.
Was anyone else put off though by the way he almost becomes forgotten by the end of the book? It seemed like Beka should've still been dealing with grieving since he was her partner and he does describe her as like her daughter..... but maybe that's just me. Any thoughts?

Shannon It did seem pretty strange for what of his character had been established. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. It half makes sense, half doesn't.

On one hand, there's the fact he's never been offered the chance to be on a similar class as Sabine, and the stakes seem like ones that might drive someone to odd measures they wouldn't normally - after all, if the crown had lost things would have gone south for a lot of people awful fast, and it's on a much larger scale than anything else so it might have seemed more imperative to make a choice he wouldn't have otherwise. We're also reading all of this from Beka's perspective. While she's a good judge of character for the most part, she's not an all-knowing narrator and is subject to seeing people's traits inaccurately like any human. Her idea of Tunstall over the years may have been different from the actuality of him.

On the other hand, it seems so odd coming from Tunstall, a man who seems the sort to see the huge flaw in his plan: If they wanted Sabine to marry Baird then how in the hay would his actions get the result he was going for? (Maybe I missed something, but it seemed to me like he'd just be thrown under the bus at the end of it, and unless he'd cut his brain off it seems like something he'd be well aware of.) Furthermore, I'm pretty sure Sabine would have caught on to something being amiss when her attempt to escape with the others was dismissed. Or at least ended in something less than death.
It also seemed odd that he would have killed the boy that was riding with him. It seemed unnecessary and unlike him.

I mean, I'm not saying it's impossible for him to turn traitor, or to murder a child in cold blood (though it seems unlikely), but the way it was done seems odd in hindsight. The dialogue seemed a little odd in that area, too, but at the same time she was reaching back in her memories for things that happened what I think was months before?

Either way it all felt a little muddled in that-abouts time, like some pieces of a puzzle were just shoved in because of some reason or another.

As for Beka's grieving, I'm not all that off-put by it, but I've certainly thought about it. I'm not really sure it's the sort of thing she'd have talked about. She also has a history of not really talking much about her own sadness on things if it's a more long-term thing. She was writing the last pages with talk about her decedents reading her writing, and she might not have wanted it to be something written where it could be seen, or she could have had thoughts about it she didn't feel she could word, or felt too private for even a journal. Maybe she'd put it to rest in her own way, or didn't want to think about it because of how much it hurt? There's a whole host of reasons why she might not have written about it.

I enjoyed the series, and the final book, a TON, but I have to admit it left me asking a lot of questions that had more to do with things that didn't make full sense and less to do with 'oh my gosh I wonder...'

Shannon And only after I post do I realize both that I wrote an essay, and that the last post was over a year ago. Oh gosh.

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