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Mal (malxox) Tada :3

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*Angelic choir*

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Mal (malxox) Lol XD What you wanna rp?

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Idc. Anything really.

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Mal (malxox) Kk,

-Forbidden Romance

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Plain Romance maybe?

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Mal (malxox) Kk, 1 or 2 charries?

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Erm 1.

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Mal (malxox) Kk

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Boy or girl?

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Mal (malxox) Mm..............girl, plz?

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Mal (malxox) Sorry! No noti, it happens, OH and just a warning I tend to just randomly disapper :( Anyway, gimme a min and I'll make my charrie

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Mal (malxox) Name: Elizabeth "Lizzy" "Liz"
Age: 19
Gender: F
Persona: tbrp
Hilary Duff Pictures, Images and Photos

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Goes By:


May 19


Eye Color:

Hair Color/Style:
His hair color is brown. The style is fairly long and slightly wavy.

Anthony is 6 feet tall. He has a dark tan and is very muscular.

Personal Style:
He dresses in converse jeans and a t-shirt. On special occasions? Converse jeans and a /nice/ shirt.

Nuff said. He rarely talks and when he does he says little. He's not really shy like his sister he's just really quiet. He doesn't talk unless he has to. Many people have come up to him and said "Why didn't you tell me that?" His answer? "You never asked."

Straight forward

He tells it like it is. He doesn't gush it up and make it seem like something its not. He just says it.

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Mal (malxox) WOAH! He looks nice :P

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Wanna start or shall i?

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Mal (malxox) You plz

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:) Thanks

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Aight. :P Do you want them to be in a specific place like a school or do you want me to randomly make something up.

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Mal (malxox) You can make it up, idc, lol

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Mal (malxox) Malxox ♥ wrote: "You can make it up, idc, lol"

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It was fall. The leaves were changing,the air was cooler,Anthony was alone. He wasn't in college yet,he had a job,thankfully,at a bookstore,It paid well. He had a house that his parents had bought for him where he spent his days off. He loved reading,he loved singing,he loved acting. All of which he did under the oak tree in front of the two story house way off from the street at the end of the road in his tiny town. The cities near by were okay,but they were nothing like the smaller towns where everyone knew each other. No,no city,no town,no place could beat Oaksdale,Kentucky. Especially now when one could stroll through the oak trees surrounding the town,like Anthony was now. He had needed to get out. His house was nice but it was huge and...empty. It felt even more empty now that his parents died,even though they didn't live with him. The strolls that Anthony took were soothing. The ones that went on through the woods to the park bench and onto Mr.Macs cornfield. For now he decided to sit down on the park bench a moment before heading to the cafe in town for something hot on the cold day. He pulled his jacket tighter around him as he sat down,the bench creaking slightly as he did so.

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((I'll be here for about five more minutes before I leave to take a quick shower. Then I'll get back on some more))

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Mal (malxox) ((Wow, 1. You're a awesome writer, 2. I'ma change my charrie's looks and name, I don't feel like she fits with the story))

Elizabeth was sitting the cafe, reading as usual, her lines for her upcoming play. She rehearsed on a daily bases, usually in the park or at home in her bedroom... just her lone house in general. It was small and she lived alone, having no time to date or talk to guys, realtionships never had come easy for her, but she didn't mind. She hummed the song she was singing softly as she read along with the lyrics, playing her violin in her head. Her coffee was getting cold, but she didn't mind it, far to busy to care.

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((Thanks! and Okay. Fine by me))

Anthony sighed as a leaf fell from the tree and landed on his nose. "Really?" he chuckled out loud. He shook his head making the leaf fall to the ground before standing. It felt like thirty degrees out here but it had to be sixty. He shook his head again. Windchill factors.

He was cold to the core. Skip the cornfield. He needed something hot. Now. He walked back up the path into town and toward Claire's Cafe'.

The door dinged as he pushed it open. A waitress smiled at him. "Your usual Anthony?" Anthony nodded to the waitress who quickly disappeared to the back. Anthony slipped into a booth and reached into his pocket to pull out the wrinkled script from the his favorite play. He had heard rumors they might play it in a theater near by and although Anthony would love to be in it he couldn't. He didn't have the guts to talk to many of the girls he saw in less she approached him first. How could he be in a play? He glanced up for a moment at a girl across the room,studying a script to. His eyes dropped quickly back down before she could see him...he hoped.

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Mal (malxox) ((Okay, I'll read all that later, I gtg :( BBL I PROMISE, I hope..o))

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Mal (malxox) ((Nvm, last post))

Elizabeth hardly looked up, she heard the door but with her script she was in her own little world, mouthing the words. She made a face at the words, it was hard to practice alone when you didn't have a partner. The scene was set with a boy and girl... She looked up, glanceing around the cafe, her eyes landed on the boy. Perfect, she stood and grabbed her coffee, sitting across from him, "Hello," she said plainly.

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((Lol okay. I'm back now and will reply. You still on???"

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Anthony looked up as the hot girl sat across from him,setting her coffer down on the table. He jumped back in seat in surprise. "I..um..uh..." he stuttered before finally managing a quiet,"Hi," He quickly extended a hand,narrowly missing her coffee,"I'm...um...Anthony. Yeah Anthony."

Wow that sounded soooo stupid you idiot. Hot girl and by now,unless she thinks guys like you are cute,then you just totally scared her off.,he scolded himself.

His voice countered the blow in his mind. Hey,she scared me first!

The fact that there was a girl in front of him jerked him back into reality.

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Mal (malxox) Elizabeth took his hand in hers. Her hand was warm to the touch, "I'm Elizabeth," she introduced himself, tilting her head slightly, taking in his features. She pulled her hand back and took a sip of her coffee, "Mind if I practice with you?" she asked, holding up her script to make it more obviouse, like she was indicating something.

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"Um...no...not at all. What are you practicing?" he slipped his script back into his jacket in shock. One because 'Elizabeth' was sitting in front of him and two because he had just said yes to something he would normally never do around other people....read a script with someone.

He put on a brave face and pulled his hand out of her warm one. His hand tingled where hers had been making a smile flicker across his face unheeded.

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((Message me when you reply. My notifications half the time don't work :/))

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Mal (malxox) ((I can't message when I'm on my iPod :( ))

Elizabeth let a smile spread across her fce slightly, "Romeo and Juliet," she said, seting her script on the table and turning it so both of them could see it, "Sure you don't mind being Romeo at the moment?" she arched one eyebrow a little, not high enough to be called suspisous, just wondering.

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((Oh well. I didn't get a notification but I checked so hey. That works lol))

Anthony nodded as she said Romeo and Juliet. Slowly he started slipping into character. "I-I-I" he had to force out the words,"I don't mind. I know the lines by heart pretty much."
By now people had overheard there conversation,and were starting to stare. Anthony leaned forward slightly. "Do you wanna do this here,or at like...my place...or something?" He hoped that didn't sound wrong though he figured it did.

The waitress returned with his hot chocolate which he sipped gingerly. Ahh yes that feels better.
The drink warmed his chilled body.

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Mal (malxox) ((Lol :P))

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, "Is something wrong with here?" she asked, normaly she practiced her lines aloud wherever, it didn't make a diffrence in her opinon, but she really needed a partner. "Nevermind," she waved it off, "If you want we can head to your place... are you actually in the play?" she asked, havng heard that he knew them by heart.

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He was going to answer but she waved him off which was fine by him! At the mention of if he was in the play he shook his head. "Um well,no. No,I'm not actually in the play I just,"Why am I spilling my life story to a girl I don't even know the last name of???"-I just like acting...a lot. So...I memorize lines...just...cuz."

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Mal (malxox) ((Lol, she said her name XD))

Elizabeth watched him, lowering her eyebrow, "Well, maybe if you're good enough you can be Romeo, ours dropped out, and we didn't have an understudy," she shrugged.

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((Last name XD))

"That would be...kewl." he stuttered wishing someone had duck tape so he could tape is stupid mouth. "So...wanna head over and begin practice?" he asked. He tried his best to calm his nerves and slow his racing heart.

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Mal (malxox) ((Oh! I see now, haha))

Elizabeth nodded, "Sure," she said, standing from her chair, makeing it screech as it moved along the floor, and grabbed her script. "Oh, and... uh, are you okay?" she asked, he seemed kind of jumpy.

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He stood,left some money on the table and clutched his hot chocolate. "Am I okay?" he walked out towards the door and opened it for her. When they were outside he sighed. "Yeah I'm okay." He wanted to kick himself for not saying why but...he barely knew this girl. Maybe if he hanged out with her a little while then he'd get the guts to tell her. Until then...well she was on her own. "Do you have a car or do you wanna walk. Its not far."

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Mal (malxox) Elizabeth shrugged, "I have a car... at home, so I guess we're walking." she said, not makeing any comment on his fake 'yeah I'm fine' reply.

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Anthony prayed she believed he was fine.
"Well,the house is this way," he said as he started walking up to the his house towards the north. The wind blew hard showering the to with leaves. Anthony pulled his drink closer hoping to warm himself. A smiled flickered across his face again as he stopped and half turned,raising his face to the blue sky and multicolored leaves falling. He looked back toward Elzabeth and smiled at her.

When they arrived at his house he set the drink down and she his jacket. "Well this is the place."

He walked into the living room. It had a slight smoky smell from the fireplace crackling. "So um. I guess we began huh?"

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Mal (malxox) Elizabeth nodded, stripping her coat away and drapping it over a chair as she looked around. Takeing in the house, "Cute house," she said, and looked at him, "Live alone?" she asked, sitting on the couch without much of a hesitation.

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Mal (malxox) ((I'M SORRY, I'M GOING, DON'T KILL ME!))

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((That was weird. I'm going to go take a shower.))

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Mal (malxox) ((Aight, it's your turn to post btw))

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