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too complicated?

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Juliet I really loved the Lost Hero but I think the series is getting way too complicated. It took so long to explain everyone's background the book only picked up at the end. I only really liked it cuz Percy was back and I love him. I don't know what to think about the next one. You?

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Carolyn C I sort of agree; this one was not as fast paced as Lost Hero, but I do think the series needed this one 'explanation' book because of all the mashing up of the camps, and characters, and mythologies and it will pick right back up with the next one.

Lost Hero hooked us, Son of Neptune explained where we are and who we are dealing with (while still being entertaining), and now we will dive right into adventures.

Percy is the saving grace, though, I missed him in the last book and was so happy to get to hang out with him again!

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Katherine I actually didn't love The Lost Hero. I liked it, sure. Mostly I just wanted to like it. Maybe it was just hard to get on board with the new characters. So then I was actually pretty thrilled with Son of Neptune. Possibly it was due to Percy, because I <3 him. But I think they're just going to get better.

However, this whole plotline is definitely confusing. To me, at least. There's a million things going on with it. I like that there's so many characters, and so much going on with them though. It feels necessary, in order to pull off the new series, keeping it interesting and exciting.
But the original Percy Jackson had a much cleaner cut plotline. I don't mind that much though, it's pretty easy to just go along with.

And I agree about the "explanation" book. Now that all the main characters have been introduced, we should be able to move along.

Shelby Not to complicated! I love surprises in books, because I'm hard to surprise (in books, not real life). I agree this is a more complicated plot the the PJO series, but I think we're all big enough to handle it:)

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Sam i think this series is targeted toward an older audience. riordan is including high-schoolers in his target audience. as for complication... i dunno. everything is straightforward to me.

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Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles i think this book is awesome. i lead a children's boom club, which consists of mostly 8 year olds. they found it quite an easy read.

Susie Warner i love the new series. but i was soooo surprised when r.r. announced his second series to PERCY JACKSON. i thought the last book to percy jackson would be the percy jackson and the olympian series. i hope the end of the heroes of olympus one has a satisfying ending like the previous series!!!

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