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message 1: by Hock (last edited Oct 29, 2011 10:16AM) (new)

Hock Tjoa (hockgtjoa) I am Asian and I like some Asian writing--I wondered if this forum is for those who are both or only for Asians or those who like fiction by Asians? Anyway, some of my likes and dislikes: I loved the Life of Pi although the Author is not Asian, also Haroun and the Ocean of Songs (Salman Rushdie), most of Haruki Murakami. I also like most of what David Henry Hwang has written, have mixed feelings about Amy Tan's work and respect Lisa See's efforts but find it too "chick lit" for my taste.

Out of a sense of duty I have read Journey to the West, All Men are Brothers and The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (three of the Four Great Ming Novels). The translation of the Romance was so boring I tried my hand at it myself and the result was my first book, The Battle of Chibi.

I also loved Tea House by Lao She but understand from drama experts that it is too long (3 Acts set over 50 years) and unwieldy (over 70 characters) to succeed today. (The translation also did nothing for me.) So this became my second project and I hope soon to publish Heaven is High as an e-book and as a POD through Createspace. I started a blog to gather some comments on it--

Hope this group takes off!

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kpopfan | 1 comments im not asian but i recently got into kdrama my favorites are Boys over Flowers, Faith, Personal Taste, City Hunter (im a fan of Lee Minho lol)
To The Beautiful You, Your Beautiful. At the moment im watching Rooftop Prince lol im on ep 5 ^.^ its soooo amazingly good.

what else....ohhhhh i also got into kpop also Super Junior, Big Bang and Shinee and thats about it.

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