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A restaraunt in the mall. An original Italian bakery restaraunt.

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campbema niiice.

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campbema Owen walked to Roma's with Lily and sat down in a booth with her.

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((Yep. My cousins actually own a Roma's bakery, but it looks NOTHING like this!))

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campbema ((nice. I'd love to go to a place like this))

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((Yeah. It'd be nice. But my cousins' is more of a bakery.))

"So, what do you think you're gonna get?" She looked at the menu then up at him.

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campbema ((that's cool))

"Probably.... penne. You?" he asked. He hadn't eaten yet and it was already 7 pm.

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((The pizza and the bread are the BEST!))

"I don't know. I love Italian food though. Maybe penne. My dad made it all the time." She smiled at him.

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campbema "This place has the best penne in the world. That I know of" he said smiling at her.

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"Good. Then it's settled. I'll get it." She smiled at him again. He made her feel so amaazing.

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campbema Owen smiled back. "Wow, it's been ten minutes and you haven't blushed, I think hat's a record" he teased, and nudged her foot under the table.

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She smiled, and held the blush back just barely. "For me, definitely!" She chuckled gently and waved a waiter over.

Waiter: Hello, sorry about that. How may I help you?"

Lily: "I'll get the penne and a water please."

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campbema "I'll have the penne as well, but with a sprite"

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Waiter: I'll get thar right away for you.

Lily: She smiled at him and saw his hand resting on the table. She slid her hand in his. "So, tell me about yourself." She smiled at him and looked expectantly.

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campbema "Thank you" he said to the waiter and looked back at Lily. "there's not much to tell. I was sent here when I was two years old, not really allowed to leave. I love water, it's my life."

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"Alright. If thats all, whaddya wanna know about me?" She smiled. Everything about him was so radiant!


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campbema ((happy halloween to you too!!! I just came back from a party))

"What's it like? To live with mortals and regular people"

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((thx! Hope it was fun! I took my young neighbors t-or-t-ing.))

"I guess it's not too different. Once you live with it for 17 years, it's like tbis. But withiut sword and monster fighting classes. And really cute poseido. guys." She paused and winked at him. "I feel a bit more safe here though."

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campbema ((aww, that's cute))

Owen smiled at her and resisted the urge to lean over and kiss her. "You definitely do feel protected here, unless a monster ends up coming here"

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" I should hope that doesn't happen. Have you e er thought about what it would be like to be normal or mortal?"

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((It was so fun! There was smurfette, darth vader (3), darth mall, an ape, a football player, and a princess!))

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campbema ((awww))

Owen shrugged "I've wondered but this place in my life, I don't know how mortals act or anything"

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"True. I still regret letting my friend get killed over me. If she were mortal It wouldnt have happened." She looked down at the empty table then at Owen. "Of course then I wouldnt have met you." The smile returned to her face.

Waiter: Alright. Heres the sprite and heres the water." He paused and looked at the. eRly empty restaraunt. "And your food shod be out in a few minutes." He smiled politely and walked away.

Lily: "Why is this place so dead? If its as good as it smells abd as you make it sound, shouldnt ir be full?" She looked curiously into his deep beautiful eyes.

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campbema Owen smiled and shrugged. "Only demis like us come here." he said honestly "And fall sports just started today therefore no one will be here until later tonight"

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"Aaahh. You don't do any sports?"

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campbema "I ... swim" He said and shrugged.

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She smiled and laughed, then nudged his foot under the table. "No way. So when do you do swimming?"

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campbema "Whenever I have free time" he said honestly.

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"You don't do classes?" She thought a son of Poseidon might do something a bit more with swimming.

Waiter: He walked up and put the two plates of penne down on the table. "Enjoy. And can I get you two anything else before I go?" He looked curiously.

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Lily smiled at the waiter. "Thank you. That'll be all for me."

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campbema "Well, yeah, but I kind of teach the new Poseidons too"

"No thank you though" he said smiling at the waiter. He took his fork and started to eat.

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Lily took a bite of the penne and her eyes widened. "This is amazing!" She took another mouthful and realized she was eating like a pig. "Sorry. I haven't eaten since this morning."

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((Gtg! Sors!))

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campbema OWen chuckled "Nor have I, it's fine" he said smiling at her.

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Sh relaxed and un-tensed a bit. Then, she chuckled. Lily took a sip of her water and continued eating, but not nearly as obnoxiously.

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campbema Owen nudged her foot a little and smiled.

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She looked up from her drink and smiled. "What?"

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campbema Owen shook his head and smiled. "Nothing"

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((Wanna skip to a point where they're finished eating? I sorta do.))

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campbema ((surely))

"What would you like to do now?" he asked when he paid.

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((Coolio. I was thinking they could go swimming together in the moonlight?))

She thanked him for paying first and then replied. "I have the sudden urge to do something totally out of the blue and crazy. Even though I sould probably study. But who cares? Whaddya think we should do?"

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campbema ((surely, we should make like a pond area first though or I can have him have a pool in his apartment))

OWen smiled "Wanna go swimming?"

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(( I like the pool in the apt. better.))

She chuckled. "That's better than I could've imagined. But where?"

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campbema ((kay, I'll make an apartment for him in a sec))

"I have one in my apartment"

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"Let's do it!" She led him out the door, then began to follow him, not knowing where his apartment was. One hand wrapped in his, the other swinging around as she walked.

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((You post first))

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