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What does it mean? (SPOILER)

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Zoe "He opened his mouth. The words were there. He was about to say them when a jolt of terror went
through him, the terror of someone who, wandering in a mist, pauses only to realize that they have
stopped inches from the edge of a gaping abyss. The way she was looking at him—she could read what
was in his eyes, he realized. It must have been written plainly there, like words on the page of a book.
There had been no time, no chance, to hide it.
“Will,” she whispered. “Say something, Will.”
But there was nothing to say. There was only the emptiness, as there had been before her. As there
always would be.
I have lost everything,Will thought.Everything."

What did that whole paragraph mean? Did anybody get it? Help me. :/

Lex is da name, dont wear it out pretty much... SPOILER ALERT... Will was about to tell Tessa he loved her, but stopped himself...

message 3: by Zoe (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zoe Yeah, I got that part. But why did he say he 'lost everything'?

Mithrendiel There are plenty of hints in the book that Wil did something terrilbe in the innocence of childhood. This act, whatever it was, may have cost his parents their lives, and/or unleashed something bad into the world. As such he feels like anything he loves he destroys.

By saying he lost everything I think it's implying he lost his family, and again he's loosing Teresa because he's afraid loving her will hurt her.

One of the most beautiful quotes in the book, indicates Wil's urdge to protect Tessa (in many ways from himself):


Tessa, who had read A Tale of Two Cities more times than she could count, whispered, “‘And yet I have had the weakness, and have still the weakness, to wish you to know with what a sudden mastery you kindled me, heap of ashes that I am, into fire.’”

She hesitated. “But that was because he loved her.”

“Yes,” said Will. “He loved her enough to know she was better off without him.”


I really do love the complexity of Wil's character, and can't wait to find out the real details of what he did as a child.

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