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message 1: by Nigel (new)

Nigel Bird (nigelbird) | 59 comments

Blasted Heath is a very exciting new publisher on the e-book scene. Their name is set to become synonymous with 'excellent fiction'.

It's their launch this week, on 1st November and they're marking the occasion with a bonanza giveaway of their first five titles.

To quote their site:

"...we’re very excited! We hope you’re excited too. If you’re reading this, you’re an early adopter, a cutting edger, an honorary Blasted Heathen. You deserve our thanks for joining us right at the start of the journey.

So here it is…

Free books!

Every day this week, starting Wednesday 2nd, we’re giving away one of our five launch novels. All you have to do is enter the code below at our checkout and the price will be miraculously reduced to zero. Ta da!

As with all Blasted Heath ebooks, you’ll be given a choice of a PRC file (for the Kindle), an EPUB file (for everything else), a PDF file (if you don’t have an ebook reader) and/or all three bundled together in a ZIP file.

If you miss a free book that you really want (and really you should want them all), we’re keeping the price at £1.99/$2.99/€2.49 right through to the 8th. See the book pages for the discount code (hint: it’s LAUNCH)

If you’d prefer to grab the books from Amazon – and hey, we’d appreciate the sales ranking – you’ll find them priced at 99p on and $1.49 on on the giveaway days (we can’t make them free on Amazon, unfortunately) and £1.99/$2.99 right through to the 8th.

Let the Blasted Bonanza begin!"


In case that hasn't grabbed you, I can tell you that Allan Guthrie's at the helm and that the first titles are by:

Gary Carson, Ray Banks, Anthony Neil Smith, Douglas Lindsay and Brian Pendreich. They're authors for crime, comedy, techno-thriller and movie fans.

I'd say you can't say fairer than that.



message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 335 comments That sounds good, are the available for the Nook and can I download them directly to my Nook???

message 3: by Nigel (new)

Nigel Bird (nigelbird) | 59 comments Hi Linda. I'm pretty sure they are, but you'd need to go over and check. I know they've been extremely thorough and would be amazed if they weren't.

Today there's a free copy of Douglas Lindsay's Long Midnight of Barney Thomson; I loved the book and reviewes it at and probably here at Goodreads, too.


message 4: by Eduardo (new)

Eduardo Casas (edcasas) | 13 comments I am looking for fans of new authors that are open to issuing reviews of mystery / thrillers and crime stories. My book, available at Amazon and Smashwords is
Previous are available on Amazon and Smashwords or Google the title.


message 5: by Nigel (new)

Nigel Bird (nigelbird) | 59 comments I'm snowed under just now, but I'd happily post a self-interview over at my blog, E - . You might want to check the series out first and if you like it let me know.
Devil in the title has come up a few times of late. Yesterday, I got The Devil All the Timein the post and I'm fully expecting it to be one of the reads (if not the read) of the year.

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