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What do you want to do? :)

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) I'm pretty open to ideas. I'm not a fan of werewolves/vampire type stuff though. Anything sorta realistic is more fun I think.

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I agree.
How about just the high school romance?

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Fine by me. Here is a thing for characters if you want to start there.

Special talents(if any):

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Name: Dealyn
Age: 17
Gender: F
Grade: 11
Personality: She is very shy and quiet. She tends to not be the type of person to trust someone easyly, it take time with her. She is always worried about the things around her. She is usually known as a loner, she really never had that 'click' group of friends. Just her and her books.
Crush: ..
Special talents(if any): She loves to write and draw.
Other: Her mother is died.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Name: Adam
Age: 18
Gender: M
Grade: 11th
Personality: Adam was popular at his old school, but that was before he was forced to move. He tried to be friends with everyone.
Crush: ?
Special talents(if any): He plays football and the guitar
Other: Parents are divorced.

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(( Ok :) I'll start ))

Dealyn walked up to the school, her book bag tight on her back. Her notebook that she never let out of her sight was held against her chest. Her bangs where pin out of her face. She fixed a peice and when toward her locker.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) Adam wondered into the hallway looking for his locker. He was a little lost and he probably looked lost to match. He finally thought he found his locker, but when he tried the combination it didn't work. "It must not be mine," he thought to himself as he looked at the number.

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Dealyn looked down the hall and seen a boy. He seemed losted, he must be new she thought. She sighed and when to her locker. The turned the knob 3 times until the it opened. It set her back back to the ground and put away the things she didnt need in there and took out what she did.

(Im going to go to bed, got work in the morning and if i stay up any later, im going not going to want to get up in the morning. xD as if i wanted to get up anyway lol ))

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) ((Have fun sleeping and going to work :P What kind of job do you have?))

Adam had no clue where he was supposed to go to find his locker, so he decided to just ask someone. "If you are going to ask someone it might as well be a beautiful girl,right?" he thought to himself as he walked up to Dealyn.

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(( I work at Rue 21 xD i just mostly set out clothes and open the fiting rooms for people lol)

Dealyn put the last of her things up. She closed her locket and put her bookbag back on her back. She looked down the hall and seen that boy walk toward her. She held her notebook close and watched him. Not saying a word.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) ((It must get annoying sometimes because people can be so lazy and unfold all the clothes or leave a bunch of stuff in dressing rooms))

"Hi. Do you know where locker 147 is?", he asked her, trying to be as friendly as he could.

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((It kinda does. Its just my favorite store so getting a discount on everything does keep everything on the bright side xD Think about the good instead of the bad. lol))

"Uhmm, It right here,"She said pointing to the locker 2 down from here's.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) ((So in a way you are getting paid to shop. You see all the stuff you want to buy because you bring it out))

He glance at the locker she pointed at before turning back to face her. "Thanks!" He saw her notebook that was held tightly in her grasp and he asked "Do you like to draw?"

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((Yupp :) that usually what i do. I dont really bring much home. ))

"Your Welcome,"She said with a slight smile on his face. "I love to draw, its pretty much what i do in my free time,"She said.

The Nate Gatsby  (macenro) "Can I see some of your drawing sometime?", he asked.

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"Sometime,"She nodded with a slight smile on her face,"Maybe later just not now."

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