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Jennifer Dear Readers,
The past month I started to read a book called, "The Lovely Bones" authored by Alice Sebold. At first this book didn't grab my attention so much. But then by the end of the first chapter so many thing's were happening that I couldn't believe.
While I am reading, I find it so hard to understand how a person may have such a heart to do such thing's to a little girl. Seeing how she struggled and fought so hard but either way it wasn't good enough, is upsetting. It is so sad to know that this book is based on a true story. This book is very detailed which is always a great thing because it get's you more into the story and the book.
So, hopefully the book keeps getting more interesting and intense.

Vikki This book is amazing. In 8th grade I was in book buddies. That is where you and a teacher pick a book out, have a month to read it, than come back and talk about it. My teacher was my gym teacher. She always let me pick the book. When I saw this on the shelf I knew i had to read it. My teacher was worried because of what it was about, but we read it anyway. The first line of the book drew me in. The movie doesn't do it justice. I swear this book will be one of your favorites just read it until the end.

Barbara Agree, the movie just could not do the story justice. It was such a well written book. Yes, it was a very tough subject, but I could not put the book down. I was hooked. The scenes in the movie where the girl is looking down on her family, etc. were much more incredible when read in the book. I have not read any other books by Sebold. Does anyone have any they recommend?

Sarah I had too many problems with the parts near the end, where


Suzy takes over that artsy girl's body and has sex with whats-his-face. Seriously? That's just as much rape as what Suzy herself went through. Artsy-girl didn't consent to have that done to her body!


That combined with some over-the-top writing (her eyes were ferocious olives? Really? ) just ruined it for me.

Megan I agree with Sarah on some level...

Daniela-Goddess of Reading Sarah wrote: "I had too many problems with the parts near the end, where


Suzy takes over that artsy girl's body and has sex with whats-his-face. Seriously? That's just as much rape as what Suzy herself..."

I know..that was gross

Tennae I strangely never even thought about that as being wrong when i read it or since, was probably more focused on the larger matters at hand like closure and love, but i guess you have a point.

Carla I think the lovely bones brings forth the imagery, the intenseness that a great book should. Being a survivor of abuse, this brought so many emotions to the surface and as a reader allowed me the empathy, power, and closure to get through.
Sebold writes as she does I think as a form of healing, a rape survivor herself..she tells.her story in Lucky. There is a haunting way she writes and I found it theraputic.

Wayward Child The book is amazing and one of my personal favourites. I`ve cried so many times while reading it, because... Well, you`ll see. It`s not just what happened to her, it`s what happened to her family afterwards that really sad.

Vinyessa I thought the book was okay. I liked the idea behind the novel, having the narrator as an observer from heaven was refreshing. I did not at all like the scene where she came back to earth and sexed up that guy - I thought it was ridiculous, and when I heard there was a movie made, I realized it would be a piece of shite.

While in the book, its cool to have the narrator in heaven, watching over, I feel that as a movie it would be just freaking cheesy. Plus - I was really hoping they would take that weird scene out of the movie, but they didn't and so it was indeed awkward crapola.

message 11: by Lena (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lena I think everyone overcriticize the sex scene.I thought it was great because Susie had the oportunity to have a real unique tender lovemaking act instead of remebering for all eternity the brutal act of her murder.Kind of salvation moment for her.I loved the book...

Alpha I enjoyed the novel for what it was and I understood where the process was coming from since Alice Seabold herself is a rape survivor. The what-if scenario of being raped and not living afterwards through the eyes of a rape survivor was very intriguing and that was what this novel was primarily about.

On a sidenote however, it seems that Alice Seabold does a good job on writing when the topic is centered on rape. Thus why this book and Lucky were good but The Almost Moon in general fell flat.

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