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Tatiana (dejavoo) | 6 comments I finished this book a few weeks ago. What is everyone's opinion on it?

Personally, I found the first half made for a good beginning, but the second half was a bucketful of confusing. I didn't understand what was happening or why. It felt like an entirely different person wrote it.

message 2: by Adam (last edited Oct 28, 2011 10:05PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adam Silvera (adamsilvera) I kinda agree with you about how the book was split. Personally, while I was in love with the first half way more, the novel's cliffhanger was definitely attributed to everything that went down there in the second half. I also would much rather read that half that we did rather it being a sequel devoted to the town of Rule which wouldn't have been as exciting.

Nadine | 39 comments I am 2/3 through it and it is getting harder and harder to keep reading. I like the idea, but things are just permanently going from bad to worse.

Tatiana (dejavoo) | 6 comments One thing I did like throughout the novel was how the characters used their brain and reasoned things out. There is a lot of time dedicated to reasoning to certain conclusions that even I as the reader hadn't arrived to yet. You don't see that kind of intelligence in characters that often.

Nadine | 39 comments Ok update... after 85 %... the first half was exciting, like I said one bad situation leading to another one, a very "thriller like" speed, the second half is boring as hell. It fells like quite a cut in the storyline as well. I miss the persons I came to like in the first half.

Tatiana (dejavoo) | 6 comments @Nadine, So you understand what we mean. There is a jarring difference between the two halves.

Nadine | 39 comments Yes, it feels like a cut, not just in the story but also in the pace. I think a mix throughout the novel of those two paces would have been perfect for me.
I am finished now but I found the ending the opposite of any closure. I like a few questions answered in the end. Some storylines tied up. I felt pretty cheated in the end.

message 8: by Jed (new)

Jed (specklebang) | 38 comments I rather liked Ashes but didn't realize it was a trilogy until the end where I got left hanging. I'm learning to check on the trilogy factor and wait until well after book 2 before trapping myself in book 1.

Julianne (jkbailey) | 2 comments I agree with Jed--I wish I would have waited until Book 2 was out. The ending angered me. As readers, we deserve a little more closure than that!

message 10: by Jed (new)

Jed (specklebang) | 38 comments Here is my trilogy warning list:
Ashes (of course)
Blood Red Road

I'm amazed that all the reviews I read about these books seem to fail to mention that these are TRILOGIES. Do reviewers not realize this and why doesn't it get mentioned more?

Speaking of PA trilogies (where all 3 books are out) I suggest:
Equations of Life and the 2 books that follow. I'm 80% through book 1 and I'm really liking it. Set in PA London in 2035.

Tatiana (dejavoo) | 6 comments Before I started reading ebooks I used to only read books that had already been out for a few years (and so usually had their sequels released already). However, now I'm reading books closer to their release date since ebooks make them easier to acquire, and I'm discovering how incredibly frustrating it is...

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