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Cidnee I'm finishing up "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov and I'm somewhat confused. At the moment, Humbert sees a man he believes to be a relative of his, following him and Dolores on their road trip. It has not been determined yet who this man truly is but I believe that he could possibly be a vital part to the story. Or maybe Humbert is potentially going insane, as he mentions. He has been extremely paranoid, he even thinks that Dolores taking up acting as a hobby will make her untrustworthy. And the farther I go on, the more I really wish for Lolita to run away for good. She constantly torments Humbert and is annoyed by his presence but I feel like there is not much she can do. Reading how much she struggles just to get a glimpse of normal life makes me almost strategize a plan for her escape. Before I empathized with Humbert, for some strange reason, but now I'm sure I'll just be waiting for him to let Dolores go.

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Sarah Hey Cidnee that book sounds really interesting. I think that may just be the next book I'm going to read. What do you think of it overall so far?

Karl I am pretty sure the guy following is his paedophile arch-enemy who wants Lo Li Ta all for himself.

It's a rather funny battle at the end. Just when you thought the story couldn't get any creepier................

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