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Luce starts running, her hair flying back. The wind blew sharply in her face as she avoided rocks. She was careful, knowing she had a habit of tripping and crashing.

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Luce, startled, tripped and fell. "Ow." she said once she hit the ground. "Hello?"

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Luce's eyes widened. "Hmmm, mind tricks?" she asked herself.

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Luce looked up. "Yeah, thxs."

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Luce frowns. "Luce."

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Luce smiles a little. "Its alright. Its just I dont understand your........power."

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Luce frowned. "Oh....."

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Luce sighed. "I like understanding everything. And with the powers.... I dont understand anything."

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She smiled. "I turn into a wolf."

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She giggled. "No, optimistic people taste bad."

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She laughed. "Yummmmmmmm."

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"No." she said and laughed. "They taste like crap."

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She grabbed the grass. "Not really......"

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She laughed. "Yeah a little."

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Luce screamed. "Oh god, oh god, oh god."

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Luce stared at her in horror. "I would rather be on the ground!"

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Luce sat down quickly. "Dont do that again, please."

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"At least warn me!"

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She frowned and sighed. "Alright..."

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"If you want..."

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She laughed. "Okay." she said and smiled.

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She took a deep breath and smiled.

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She looked at her a moved a little foreward. "How do you fly???"

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She frowned. "I never learned to swim."

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Luce got up and left.

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