Die for Me (Revenants, #1) Die for Me question

juels or vincent
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if you were kate would you go for vincent or juels

I like Jules better he's not as sappy

Vincent. Jules isn't really into Kate. He just likes to flirt. Vincent loves her <3

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Hannah If you read the 2.5 book in the trilogy you will realize that Jules does like Kate.
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Jules for me i is just to hot in my head to give him up and i love how playful he is


vincent... <3

hard to choose though Vincent is more likable in my point of view. And anyways if you read Die for Her then you can figure out that Jules had feelings for Kate though due to the fact that Vincent liked her fist then he sort of gave up. Showing that he is a great friend even though he gets flirty with her at times.

my choice would be vincet!!!!
vincet being a revanant has risked sacrificing everything for a human like kate, he researched about the revanant and human relationship and is ready to withstand his eagerness to die again and again just to stay with kate........
hence its vincet.................

Susan Yang Vincent for Kate
Jules for me!!!

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Vincent! I absolutely love Vincent with all my heart. But then again, if Kate goes for Jules, I can have Vincent. So idk...


Love both of them. I love Jules more, but Vincent is better for Kate.

Oh there is no second guessing, my choice would definitley be Vincent. He is most definitley the better choice of the two. Jules seems to be attracted to Kate because of her outer appearence. While Vincent loves her for whats within, not just her pretty face. Plus, Vincent and Kate seem to have this insane connection. He can "possess" her without her going all nutty professor and he can speak to her while volant.

Need i say more?

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Can't she just have both? :3 Sorry, I just really love the two of them! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME CHOOSE<3

I like both Vincent and Jules. Kate akready has Vincent. So.... Jules!

I like both Vincent and Jules. Kate akready has Vincent. So.... Jules!

Vincent for Kate, Jules for me ;)

vincent!!!!!! he is perfect. but i like jule to

vincent!!!!!! he is perfect. but i like jule to

*sniffles* too hard.O,:

I like Jules, he's so funny! Seems like a man like Vincent is too good to be true. He's nice but it's a bit tortured how much he cares for Kate.


I thought Jules was hilarious. He always made me laugh. Though it's hard to choose.

VINCENT ALL THE WAY.jules is just flirting.

vincent is gorgeous and sweet. but jules is strong and more manly.?

Vincent, and after reading book 2, still Vincent all the way!

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Vincent cause he is sooo SEXY!! and plus he has sacrificed soo much for kate and he loves her plus hes a gentlemen!!! so im on team Vincent but if she chose jules i will support her because he also has his good points…...

Vincent. I think Jules is more like a teasing older brother.

Vincent <3

It hard to choose on this one


I want it to be Jules but i might have to choose Vincent. Kate would never give him up.

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Vincent!! <3

Jules!! He is funny and artistic. Vincent is too much of a downer... he would be boring after awhile.

Kate doesn't even like Jules in that way plus Vincent is so cute and sweet i'd love to meet a guy like him

Hard to choose....

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