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heys so what do u wanna do

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Idc. I do most everything.

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okay ummm anything you love doing

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Warrior (Eh kinda)
High school

I don't really do sex trade or any of that.

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okay wana do hs romance or a summer romance

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Oh! Hs

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lol k can i be the girl

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k can u make urs first

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Goes By:
Jake or Jake Ely. One or the other. Nothing Else.


May 19


Eye Color:
Dark Brown

Hair Color/Style:
His hair color is light chocolate brown. The style is short and slightly spiky.

Jake is 6 feet tall. He has a dark tan and is very muscular.

Personal Style:
He dresses in converse jeans and a t-shirt. On special occasions? Converse jeans and a /nice/ shirt.

Nuff said. He rarely talks and when he does he says little. He's not really shy like his sister he's just really quiet. He doesn't talk unless he has to. Many people have come up to him and said "Why didn't you tell me that?" His answer? "You never asked." However after knowing him a while he'll open up and become really fun.

Straight forward

He tells it like it is. He doesn't gush it up and make it seem like something its not. He just says it.



Jake's truck:

Jake's skateboard:

Random Pics:(I got bored)

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((Do you have yours???))

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name: dawn
emo girl Pictures, Images and Photos

personality : doesnt care what people think is outgoing

eyes : blue

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So you wanna start or shall i?

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me too

can u

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Jake opened the door to his classroom. Rumors had spread they'd be getting a new girl. The thought didn't faze Jake in the least. So far he hadn't found a single girl in this whole school that was his match. He though his books on the table and turned his attention to his best friend Luke. Luke started to speak as he stared at the door. "I wonder when she'll get here. The bells about to ring in like one minute. It would suck to be tardy on your first day of school." Jake got is pencil out,"Yep it would." Luke rolled his eyes smiling. "Your such a stick in the mud."
Jake's faced cracked into a grin. "Then why do you hang out with me?"
Luke smirked. "If you'll excuse me I have hwk to do."
Jake shook his head. Luke. Always the procrastinator.
"I'm going to get some water."
Luke didn't look up. "Don't be late!"
"I probably will."

The hallway was crowded as the clock ticked down toward school. Jake shoved his way though to the water fountain fighting his way though the quick sand that was Oaklyn Acedemy's hallways. Suddenly Jake bumped into something,a purple something. The purple kids books fell to the floor. "I'm soo sorry!" Jake said helping to pick up the books. In the five seconds Jake had spent outside the hallways had cleared out leaving the two alone. He looked up as he handed the girl her books,his eyes meeting hers.

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Dawn nodded "its fine not like it mattes" she grabbed her books and looked into his eyes then looked way. God > she hated begin the new girl but honestly she never give crap abkout that the kids thought about her hair or her for the matter.

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Jake didn't wanna stare but...the girl was really cute. After a moment of awkward silence he managed to stutter out,"I-i haven't seen you around. Are you new? And if so...what teacher is your homeroom?" He sounded quizzical. Would that annoy her? He couldn't tell. He hoped it wouldn't. He wanted to know. She...she...-oh wow he didn't even know her name-could be the new girl. Jake was hoping she was. He looked down slightly avoiding her eyes and shoved his hands in his pockets.

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she sighed 'yeahim new what about it?" she was ready for all the crap "mr.brown" she added he was kinda cute.

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"Curious. Our class was expecting someone new," Jake looked up when she said 'Mr. Brown'. "Sweet. I guess we do have the same homeroom teacher then." He extended a hand,"I'm Jacob Ely. But everyone calls me Jake,Ely,Jake Ely,Ely child...you can take your pick." he smiled slightly.

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she nodded and took his hand "nice ull just be jake and im dawn" she smiled sexy name for sexy guy

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"Cool. Nice to meet you Dawn." Jake sighed a inward sigh of relief. He was slowly relaxing,as he usually did after being around people for a little while. "So...would you like a private escort to class?" he asked.

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"well yes i would since so many people just cant wait to meet me i gues i must go to class " she smiled

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"Cool," he extended a hand to lead her to class and smiled. Oooooh Luke would be jealous...Jessica would slap him...

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she smiled back and got on her stakeboard "sry but i like to make and enterance" she took his and and sataked slowly

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Jake smiled,"Nice wheels!" He made his way towards the class and stepped in right as the bell rang,Dawn beside him.

Luke whistled. "I thought you went out for water man." he joked. Jessica said nothing. Instead she glared at the new girl that pulling everyone's attention away from her. She slipped her arms around Luke as if to say,'Touch him and your dead.'

The class began a up roaring of hi's hello's my name is... whats you name...

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she sighed and headed towards her desk she smirked "dawn " she said aloud enough for eveyone to hear

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"Class,class,settle down!" came a voice from behind. Mr.Brown walked in behind Jake. He smiled at Dawn and quietly whispered,"No wheels in class." Mr. Brow n was a short man in khakis and a white shirt and blue tie. He had black circular glasses and black hair that was quickly balding. "Take your seats please everyone,"he continued. Jake sat down in his predestine seat. It was in the back,beside Dawn. Luke took his seat in front of Dawn and,with one final glare Jessica took her seat on the front row. Mr.Brown walked to the front of the class. "I see you have met our new student Dawn. Dawn,I hope you have felt welcome."
Jake looked over at he and smiled.

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((Supper brb))

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((I'm back!))

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"yup" she said smiling at jake then her phone ring it played situtiond by escape the fate

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Jake grinned more. Dawn was really cute. She had a nice personality and...oh wow. Jake was falling in love...Jake glanced up at the teacher who was looking straight at Dawn. "Mrs. Dawn I hope that's not a cell phone you have there. If it is I'll give you grace and let it slide since its your first minute of school but I don't want to hear or see it again. Understand?"

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'yes mr. ummm brown wait can i answer it it just a check up call" she said putting her feet up on her desk
she loved messing with teachers

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"Yes yes you can," he replied sarcastically then seriously,"Would you like to share that call with the class Mrs.Dawn?" Jake couldn't help himself. "No but thanks for asking." The class cracked up into loud laughter at Jake. The teacher said nothing. He liked Jake and would let this incident slide. But if it became a continuous thing....

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syhe smiled at him "sure brown ' she answered and put it on speaker "heyy baby you at school' the class laughed "yup" "good dont forget to show up to band pratice ao and jeferson misses ya theres no one to punish since ya left "

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Jake listened to the conversation as he smiled and watched Dawn with great interest. Mr. Brown was not enjoying this. "MRS. DAWN! If you keep this up you WILL have detention."

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"dam you in class love" "yes didnt you hear the teach" "well well 30 min into classand detenion already thats a new record" "yeah it is we shall celebrate conrad ' "yup get to go see ya later" yup bye" she hang up

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"Thank you Mrs.Dawn. I would hate to give you detention on your first day."

If Mr.Brown wanted to say more he didn't get the chance. Any laughter,any talking was silenced as the announcement rang over the loud speaker. Homeroom lasted ten minutes for announcements and announcements only. When they were through the bell rang in the students poured out of the classroom and into the hallway,to Mr. Browns relief.

((Time skip? If so...))

Algebra,Biology,Geography,all past by in a blur. All of those thirty minute classes were shared with Dawn,to Jake's pleasure. Before they knew it lunch had arrived.

At Oaklyn Academy you got a one hour lunch break,which was nice. If you wanted you could just go to McDonalds. You could even just go home. As Geography let out and Jake met up with Dawn on the front steps of the school Jake decided to be bold and ask where she was going for lunch. "Sooo where ya headed?"

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'hey well i was ging to the skate park wanna come" she said she had got detiton in geography which was fine be her

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"Smooth," he joked. "But yeah. I wanna come. Do you wanna go in separate cars or let one of us drive?"

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she laughed "why in the world would we drive when..wait you got a board right that way we can just ride there"

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"That," Jake said stepping down a step. "Is a really good idea. Yeah I do have a board. I'll go get it. Brb." he jogged off towards his silverado and pulled his board of the back seat. He threw it on the ground,shut the door,took a running start,hoped on and road over to the bottom of the steps.

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she was starting to like jake "nice wheels" she said getting on her board

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"Thanks. Yours too. Now. Lez go,"

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thye skate to the park

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Jake followed her weaving in and out of people who didn't understand the meaning of 'skateboarders coming through, When they finally reached the park Jake smiled at Dawn. "Well,here we are. I haven't been here since...wow. A while. My brother used to take me here all the time when I as younger. Now I'm here again skating with a hot girl."

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