Flambards Divided (Flambards, #4) Flambards Divided question

the ending? SPOILERS
Bridget Bridget (last edited Oct 28, 2011 04:09PM ) Oct 28, 2011 04:05PM
This is right at the end when she is riding back to Flambards after previously talking with
Dick. Christina gets on her horse and says if I make it back to the stables before it goes (the sun) I'll be happy. Then there is the details of her riding. She rides in front of the gate and she knows she will not be make it unless she jumps.

"What had dick said? "There's no changing nature." But the sun was showing only a scarlet fingernail. Ceasefire jumped, and the dark wood swallowed them."

My question is, do you think she made it and was thus happy or did she fall? My mum reckons she fell...I, the happy romantic, like to think she made it and was thus happy. I assume its suppose to be up to the reader to decide.

I assumed she made it... but I did find the book a bit odd.

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