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Crowleaf | 147 comments (Roleplay here.)

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Damon (valentinefive) | 128 comments Otis sat on the couch reading a book on transfigureashion.

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Drama | 238 comments May looked in, looking for her next class "This isn't my class..." She murmered quietly.

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Damon (valentinefive) | 128 comments Otis looked at her "whats your next class?" he asked her

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Drama | 238 comments "Care for Magical Creatures" she murmered

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Damon (valentinefive) | 128 comments "really what year are you?" he asked her.

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Drama | 238 comments "First Year" she nodded slowly

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Damon (valentinefive) | 128 comments "so am i" Otis got up and walked over to her "and that is my next class to. I know where it is if you need help finding it"

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Drama | 238 comments "Thank you!" she smiled

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Damon (valentinefive) | 128 comments Otis smiled at her and walked her down to Care For Magical Creatures.

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Drama | 238 comments She was smiling the whole time then walked into class "Thank you..." she murmered again before walking in

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Kelly☆  (kelly-the-awesome-xd) Lisa didn't know what to do once she was in the common room.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Braxton and Indigo walked into the common room, Indi going over to sit next to the window and stare outside. Brax sat on the couch, kicked his feet up and sighed, looking at the ceiling

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Lily stumbled sleepily into the common room and started her potions homework.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments brax looked at the young girl doing her homework.
"Having fun?" He asked,, a lazy smile on his face. Indi looked over at him, then back out the window

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"meh" she said sleepily, paging through her potions book. "got a paper on Wolfsbane due"

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax nodded. "Ahh, Wolfsbane, i remember having to do a paper on that when i was your age. I'm pretty sure i failed," he said, grinning

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"yeah. not like i can study the plant up close though." she said "im uh......allergic you could say" she finished

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Kelly☆  (kelly-the-awesome-xd) "Ummm.. Hi I'm Lisa, I'm kindda new here.. could u show me around?" Lisa asked shyly.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax looked up at Lisa and nodded. "Yeah sure," he said, "What else can this senior do." He turned to Lily. "If you like, my sister there, Indigo," he pointed to Indi, who had now stood up and walked over, "She can help you," then he added in a whisper, "A bit dreamy eyed, but just keep talking to her and she'll pay attention."

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"okay....thanks" she said

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Kelly☆  (kelly-the-awesome-xd) "Thanks, ummmm Hi I'm Lisa, I'm new to this place so could u just show me around?' Lisa asked Indigo

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Indi looked at Brax, then back at Lisa. She smiled and nodded. "Sure. Follow me," Indigo said, already walking away.

Brax raised and eyebrow, then looked at Lily. "Yeah... she's a bit.... I cant really explain it," he said to Lily

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She shrugged "dont bother, i know what you mean" she said "do you know if its a full moon tonight?"

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax looked out the window then nodded. "Ohhh, so thats why she was-" Brax began, then he looked at Lily. "Um, yeah, I know. Indi likes looking at the full moon, dont know why though, but like i tried to explain before.... her twin, my other sister, she's better though. Not so day dreamy"

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"uh-oh" she whispered to herself. "I uh...have to go now" she said quickly, standing up.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments "What? What about that paper you need to do? As a senior i have to make sure that you kids get good grades and- oh, i dont care about that, yeah sure thats all cool," he said, flopping back on the couch

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Lily said "sorry! I can finish it later, i just have to go.....somewhere! its super important" She raced out of the Common room

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax raised his eyebrows, then shrugged. "They get weirder every year," he muttered

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Lily stumbled exhausted into the common room and collapsed on one of the chairs.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax walked downstairs with a giggling sixth year,who ran off, grinning. Brax chuckled then looked at lily. "Hey first year," he said, jumping onto the couch. "Her name is lily," indigo called from the entrance into the gryffindor common room. She was standing slightly outside the door talking to meredith, her twin sister from ravenclaw

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Lily yawned and pulled some leaves from her hair. "hey" she muttered

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments "Where you been? Lucky those prefects wern't around to tell you off for going out of dorms so late. Or the heads of house," brax said, grinning.

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"oh...i was....er.....nowhere" she lied lamely.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax raised an eyebrow. "Really?" He said, rolling his eyes. "Braxton, leave her alone," Meredith called from where her and Indi stood. "I was just wondering where she went, so late at night," he said. Then he grinned at lily. "Just exploring the grounds, aye? Better be careful though. Full moon and everything, don't know what's out there. Like werewolves and stuff. Meredith was attacked by one last year, right Merry?"
Meredith just looked at Brax, then Lily. "Just a bit of scarring on the shoulders and neck," she muttered. "Never found who did it though," Brax said. "Must've been wandering around. Huge though, from what Merry said. Scary looking too."

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Lily paled. she swallowed nervously and scooted closer to the fire. those who didnt know her secret would think she was scared of werewolves.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments "You ok?" Brax asked. "I can stop talking if you like. I know its a little scary talking to a senior. Well, it is when you get in trouble. I got in trouble when i was your age, i was trying to get into the Slytherin Common room because of this guy who was being mean to one of my mates. Then the Slytherin head boy came along and started yelling his head off. I yelled back but then earned detention for, like, a whole month. He was a freak though, never hated someone so much in my life," he finished. Meredith rolled her eyes

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Lily smiled at him "its not that....it's uh...something else"

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments "Wanna talk about it?" Indi asked, looking at Lily. "Indi, i would be amazed if you actually managed to pay attention," Brax said, but Indi wasnt listening. Brax looked at Lily, grinning. "You wanna talk about it, to either me or Merry, i mean, we are leaders and stuff. Well, maybe not heads of house or prefects, but we're close to it."

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"well.....im kind of a......werewolf" she whispered

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax blinked. "Wait, your kidding, right?" he asked, but then he bit his lip. Maybe she wasnt. Glancing at Meredith, who was still talkingg to Indi, he looked back at Lily. "Really?" he whispered

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She nodded "thats why i was gone last night" she added

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Brax whistled. "How'd it happen?" he asked, voice low. "When did it happen??"

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"it happened a few years back. my mom let me go celebrate my birthday with some of her muggle cousins. it was late when i started home. all i remember is a flash of silver fur and waking up the next day with a bite mark. my mom explained what happened." she told him

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments "Silver?" Brax said, remembering something which happened when his mother was slightly younger. "There used to be a freaky werewolf who attacked anyone just so they could become werewolves."

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Lily shivered and hugged her arms

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments "You think it may have been him? I thought he was dead," Brax said, rubbing his eyes and leaning back. "We could ask Merry about it. She doesnt remember much, because she doesnt like thinking about it, but maybe she will for us."

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"I dont know, it might have been." she whispered. a tap at the window made her jump a foot in the air. when she saw her owl at the window, she gave a nervous sigh of relief and opened it to let him in.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments "Look, i'll get Merrry," he said. He looked up and shouted across the room. "Oi! Merry, come here a sec!"
She sighed, and both her and Indi walked over to him. "Whats up?" she said, moving his legs off the couch so she could sit next to him.
"That werewolf, you know, the one who attacked you?" he said. Merry frowned slightly, but she didnt say anything. "Can you tell Lily about it?"
Merry looked at Lily. "Do you know what happened? Do you want to know what happened?" she asked

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"I-I was attacked by a silver werewolf as well" she whispered, stoking her owls feathers

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