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hi. OK. This is a role play about the characters of twilight. you HAVE to pick a character from twilight. No profanities unless they are starred out. (Ex: f***)
Don't tell about the ending of New moon or about Eclipse and breaking dawn until i am done with the books. Don't take someone elses character. If we run out of characters, that's when you can make one. You can go distant from the story, as long as it stays with the story just a little. If you're going to chat, plz be polite, and use the(()) thing!! Well, that's about it. HAVE A BLAST, MY PEEPS!!! Disclaimer: I do not own the twilight saga, or anything about it. I only have this group for pleasure and not for illegal purposes. (Sorry, i could get arrested if i didn't type that)

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Karina so are we picking characters from the twilight series? like Bella and Anglea and them? Just wanting to make sure.

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and also, i finished new moon, so just don't tell me bout eclipse and breaking dawn

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((I guess ill choose Alice.))

Alice walked into the house. When her parents, brothers, and sisters had greeted her, she walked to her room. She was in a sour mood, and her eyes were like liquid onyx. Her and her siblings were going hunting.

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Karina ((nih. I wanted to be Alice. Gosh! Fine, I'll be.....Bella I guess. Ohhh! Can I make up a vampire!!???))

But Bella turned up in her bedroom first looking very shy. "Um...Alice can I ask you something?" She asked tentivly.

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Um, sure Bella, but you might wanna step away. I'm...kind of thirsty

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Karina ((okay, I'll make her up later...right now I'll stick with Bella))

um....I can come back later if you want.....wouldn't want to make a slip *nervous giggle*'s not important anyway, I guess I'll just ask Angela........

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((but only when everyone else takes the rest of the characters))
"No, No. Go ahead and tell me. Were going hunting in a minute. We're hunting mountain loins, Edward's Favorite."
Alice walked around her room, waiting for Bella to respond.

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Esme smiled.
"May I come?" she asked Alice.

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"Sure. Come in, mom."
Alice smiled back, then turned to Bella.

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((Esme is waiting outside. Wait aren't they going hunting?))

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Karina ((sorry! So sorry!! I couldn't get on till now. Wait, they're still isnide aren't Alice's room? Cause thats were bella is.))

"...Um...I was wonder Alice...Would you take me too the mall!" Bella blurted out so suddenly and fast that if it wasn't for her super hearing, Alice wouldn't of been able to understand what she'd said. Bella looked quite embarassed by what she said "Never mind. I don't want to go anymore."

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Karina (( I love My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, this takes place like pre-Breaking Dawn if your suggesting anything by your hunting comment, apparently Ally hasn't read all of them yet.))

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((I meant for Esme and Alice hunting. Nvm I changed it!))
Esme smiled. Alice never refused a shopping invitation. She decided to read instead.
"I'll read instead. Enjoy your trip." Esme said smiling at them. She turned and dissapeared.

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Karina ((Wait! I'm confused, I'm pretty sure Bella dosn't want to go anymore, but Alice hasn't done anything, so I have no idea how your playin you part out. Wait....I guess it could work if I sacraficed Bella's none shopping signature.))

"What? I thought you were going to go hunting Esme, it looks like Alice needs it too. I don't have to go, I'd rather not thinking about it clearly. Yeah, I'll stay here while you all go hunting. Maybe I'll head off to La Push or something." Bella said quickly. Alice looked like she needed the hunting and she didn't want what happened on her birthday to happen again. She shuddred at the thought, remembering their hungry looks on their faces when she'd cut her finger on the wrapping paper.

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((The wrapping paper thing was in New Moon fyi.))
Esme looked stunned.
"Um okay. Come on Alice." She said. She took off into the backyard.

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Karina (( I know, she finished New Moon but hasn't read Eclipse or Breaking Dawn yet so none of that can be mentioned. Ally should get on, we can't do much if her character is bloking things around for us, no offense Ally.I'm starting a new character becasue I'm bored.))

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Karina ...Meanwhile in the woods......

A girl who looked to be 18 ran through the woods, each one passing by in a blur. She laughed to herself, how nice to be free she thought.

Her dark hair hung lose, only clips kept her overlly long bangs from getting into her face. Under her the ground past by swiftly, changing terrain and stone. A scent caught her, making her stumble. Blood. Fresh human blood. Right now it seemed to flow quickly, emberasment caused it.

Unknowningly she followed it, the smell burning in her throat, calling up the monster she tried so much to tame. She heard a low growl coming from an unknown direction. Crouching into a fighting stance, she growled back, her head still pulling her toward the scent. The desier grew stronger and stronger each second and she was going to forget the growl and go fetch, when she was tackled to the ground.

She tried to escape, managed to slip its grasp for a second before getting caught by another. This one knew better than the other and pinned her arms behind her, holding her. The other one stepped infront, arm on her shoulder and preventing her from escaping without damage.

"Another newbie?" One of them asked. This one had brown curly hair and seemed to be extremly muscular, he was the one infront of her.

"No, too tamed. It took her to long to go after Bella, she has resistance." The other one said, she turned around and looked at his face. His blond hair and golden eyes stood out to her.

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Karina "Where's Edward," he asked.
"He went to make sure Bella was safe,"

At least she knew her caller had a name: Bella.

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Esme ran towards them.
"Jasper, Emmett, be kind to this traveler." she said softly.

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Karina ((sorry, I had too much hw.))

Alex managed to look at the woman had spoken. She looked nice, motherly even. Alex herself couldn't remember ever having a mother. The one holding her arms loosened alittle, but still kept a tight grip around her wrists.

"She's after Bella," the other one said.
"I don't know who this Bella person you keep talking about is," Alex said outloud. The looked at her, amazed that she'd talked for the first time.
"She speaks," Emmett said.

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(( omg im so srry! My mom only allows one hour a day because of my grades!!))

Alice had been imagining while they were talking. "Wait, i kinda spaced out. Is Bella in trouble?!"

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Carlisle ran outside.
"Jasper, Emmett. Please treat our guest properly and let her go." he said in a smooth voice. Esme was still studying the girl.

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Alice trembled. If Bella was in trouble, she would NEVER forgive herself. She'd probably go to the Voulturi, and ask to die.

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Esme ran inside.
"There is a new vampire here." he explained quickly.

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Karina Arms wrapped around Bella's waist in a secure hug. She looked up to see Edward, behind her. "What's wrong?" she asked, seeing the worry in his eyes.

"Nothing, there's just a vistor here, that's all," he said more to himself than her. Bella, still being in Alice's room, saw that Alice wasn't there anymore.

"Where's Alice?" she asked.
"Downstaris with everyone else, apparently the new guest is being held prisoner by Emmett and Jasper."

"Should we be there too?" Bella asked. Edward looked at her weirdly.

"Did you last encounter with nomads show you anything?" he asked her. Bella gave a sad face. Edward sighed. "Fine, but you stay behind me," he ordered her.

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Karina Alex was confused. How many where there in this coven? There now seemed to be two more to the previous three. Never before had she meet more than a group of three, and even then she was told they were big.

A man who looked to be the leader,told Emmett and Jasper to let her go. Jasper, or who she thought could be Jasper, dropped his grip on her wrist, but didn't move from where he stood.

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Carlisle smiled.
"Hello. I'm Carlisle." he said politely. Esme raced outside and appeared next to his side.
"This is Esme, my wife." he said putting an arm around her.
"As you probably know, that is Emmett, and he's Jasper." he said pointing to them.

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Karina Alex nodded. So the man and woman were mates. The bulky one was Emmett and Jasper had been the one holding her wrists.

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Carlisle smiled.
"Are you passing through?" he asked.

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Karina "Name's Bridgett Alexandra Carter, but you can call me Alex," she said, avoiding his question. Three people came up, one of them holding another one protecitvly. Alex took a breathe and breathed in a lilac smell. Human.

Her animalistic instincks fought with her logic once more. And once more was she pinned to the tree.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd stop doing that," she said rather quite annoyed.

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Karina Bella watched as the new girl introduced herself. Alex, what a pretty name, she thought. She could hear an accent in her voice, but it wasn't heavy. It sounded British.

Alex's eyes had tarted her way and she knew she'd been discovered. Maybe Edward was right and this wasn't a good idea. Next thing she knew, she was standing by herself next to Rosaile.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd stop doing that," she said rather quite annoyed, Bella heard her say. I'd probably be too if I was constantly getting attacked, Bella thought.

"She was thinking about it," Edward said to Carlisle, obviously he'd read his thoughts about him pinning their guest.

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Carlisle frowned.
"If we let you go will you be able to control yourself?" he asked.

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Karina "I don't know, I've never been this close, without, you know," she said, not wanting to say drinking out loud.

"What I can't understand is how you stand it, I can smell her all over you," she said.

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"Okay. Emmett, Jasper, guard Bella. And Bella is our friend. She vists us often, which is why we have her scent." said Carlisle.

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Karina Alex was very confused. "You hang out with her? How do you deal with it?" Edward was still holiding her to tree. "Will you let me go? I promis not to do anything," she said. Edward looked at her pecurlar.

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Alice said to Carlisle, " Why is SHE here? Wait, not ALEX!" Alice was still in a sour mood. She looked Alex in the eyes with her charcoal irises.

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((I'm not gonna be on for 2 days.))

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Karina ((wait, do Alice and Alex know each other? Tht's the impresion i get.))

Bella looked at the girl, she looked pretty confident with her promise. "Edward, I think you should let her go," she said, "Emmett will be here and so will You and Jasper so nothing will get out of hand."

"Bella, are you crazy?" Edward asked her.

"I say you listen to the human, no offense," Alex said.

"That's okay, I get that alot," Bella told her. Edward sighed and let Alex go. She landed back to the ground and brushed herself off. Bella could see her eyes turn black, but she didn't move.

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"You all are gonna let HER in? " Alice was really getting ticked off. Why would Alex be here?

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Karina Alex concentrated on not breathing, it was an awfull feeling not being able to smell. "You all are gonna let HER in?" one of them said. Alex recognized the voice, it's pixie like sound familiar. She turned around and saw her black spixie hair and small figure, recognizing her immediatly.

"If it ain't Mary Alice Brandon," she said, smiling. "I haven't seen you in what, fifty years? Last time we meet you kept going on about having to go to some place and finding your one true love, how that work out for you anyway?"

Alice growled and looked ready to launch at Alex.

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Karina Bella looked between Alice and Alex. They knew each other? It seemed that it was before Alice had found Jasper. How did Alex know her name was Mary Alice Brandon? Alice hereself didn't find out till recently.

My head hurts, she thought.

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Esme stopped her quickly.
"Alice calm down." she crooned in her dazzling voice. She put a hand on Alice's shoulder and pulled her back. Carlisle smiled a bit.
"Alex, please. If you are going to stay, if you want, try to get along." he said calmly.

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Karina "I can get along," she said, a somewhat wicked smile on her face. "I just don't know if Mary can."

"My name is Alice!" Alice screamed at her.

"Sorry, too long thinking about the name Mary rather than Alice. I don't know if I can stay...I don't know if I can go without breathing any longer, it's rather annoying," Alex told Carlisle.

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"That's okay." said Carlisle calmly.

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Karina Bella didn't know what was going on. Did that mean that she wasn't invited till the vistor left?

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Karina "I guess I could stay then....if it's okay with everyone. I wouldn't want to intrude," she said, looking directly at Alice when she said so. She said it sincerly, Alice hadn't been very happy to see her and she didn't want to make her any angrier.

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Carlisle smiled.
"Would you like to go inside, Bella?" he asked.

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