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Crowleaf | 147 comments Name:

message 2: by Sarah, So, so happy! (Oh, and Fred's the hotter twin) (last edited Oct 29, 2011 05:17PM) (new)

Sarah | 255 comments Mod
Name: Orrin Terek
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=girl+w...
History: Dad, Mom, younger sister (8 years old). Mudblood.
Personality: Courageous, not one to back away from a dare, sometimes puts herself in danger she's so reckless. Very sweet, eager, and is very passionate about things she enjoys doing.
Animal: Owl (http://www.google.com/imgres?q=majest...)
Wand: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=harry+...
Other: Loves playing Quidditch with a passion. She's a Beater and she's been playing Quidditch since she was 5.

message 3: by Damon (last edited Oct 28, 2011 05:16PM) (new)

Damon (valentinefive) | 128 comments Name: Otis CLark
Age: 11
Year: 1st year
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=12+yea...
History: he is pure blood, but has had a history of violence, but he was always the good guy
Personality: king nice, loves hanging with people,
Animal: owl
Wand: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=wands&... ((the black one on the left))
Other: has a sister but she is in slytherin.

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 31, 2011 04:52AM) (new)

Name: Rosalie Pearce [Rosa]
Age: 14
Year: fourth year
History:She is a half-blood.mom and dad,no siblings
Personality:helpful,adventurous,friendly and loves to hangout with friends
Animal:owl named moonshine.

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 09, 2011 08:26PM) (new)

Name: Rhea ( Ray ) Bevins
Age: 12
Gender: M
Year: 1st
Appearance: http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/WI/...
History: Ray is the seventh generation of Bevins pure-bloods, his mom was shot during a burglary when he was 7, he lived with his dad from then on.
Personality: He has Avoidant Personality Disorder/AvPD ( Like me! But mine isn't as bad ) so that really explains him compleatly if you look it up.
Animal: A toad named blue.
Wand: A long ebony, with a Ivory bottom, and a dragon heartstring core
Other: Loves astronomy, and will often stare out the window at night watching the stars. He can play the piano. He likes Aoi

message 6: by Max *SHERlocked heart* (last edited Oct 30, 2011 09:12PM) (new)

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Name: Braxton Mccullough
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Year: 7th
Appearance: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__c...
History: Braxton is a half blood. His mother is a witch, and his father was a muggle. His father died when he was 15. He has a sister in Ravenclaw, and another sister in Gryffindor.
Personality: Braxton is a funny, flirty, happy kind of guy. He is strong, and will stick up for anyone. Even though on the outside he's all tough, really on the inside he's still grieving for the loss of his father. He and his dad were close, and when his father died in a car crash it was a huge blow for Brax
Animal: none
Wand: 14 inches, phoenix feather core, ash wood

message 7: by Audrey ~ EXO-L (new)

Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) ((psst...there's no eighth year...XD))

Name: Emiko Lee
Age: 15
Gender: female
Year: 6
Appearance: http://images.google.com/imgres?q=ani... black hair...
History: Her parents were musicians, and she took on. She learned how to play most instruments, but her favorites were the piano and violin. Her father died, and so she lives with her mother now. They both run a shop together.
Personality: She is quiet and shy. She is artistic and musical. She's popular, but she's usually alone most of the time. But at least twice everyday, she's mobbed.
Animal: owl named Starlight
Wand: http://images.google.com/imgres?q=wan...
Other: She brought her violin to school.

Max *SHERlocked heart* | 62 comments Name: Indigo Mccullough
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Year: 6th
Appearance: http://www.backtothebay.net/character...
History: Indigo is a half blood, like her brother Braxton. Her mother is a witch, and her father was a muggle. When she was 14 her father died in a car crash.
Personality: Indi is very dreamy. She's not at all like her twin sister Meredith. She's always got her head in the clouds and never really paying attention. She lives in her own world.
Animal: http://www.worldowltrust.org/images/u... an owl called Ural.
Wand: 1o inches, rosewood, dragon heartstring core

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MadILYnne (tempy_oppsattract) | 3 comments Name: Emilia Sparks

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Year: 1st

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, green eyes, long eyelashes, pale skin, shorter than most in her year.

History: Raised by her wizard family; relative of Tom Riddle; under her older sister's shadow, Laina.

Personality: Quiet, reserved, low self-esteem because of family. Slow to trust others.

Animal: Small gray mouse that is always with Emilia, named Emma. Tormented by Laina's cat, Stalla.

Wand: Holly, 9", springy, core of Unicorn hair.

Other: Makes good grades. Frightened of older sister (5th year) and wishes to be like her so she may be accepted into the family.

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Name: lily sonago
Age: 11
Gender: female
Year: 1st
History: TBRPed
Personality: TBRPed
Animal: snowy owl named mitsu
Wand: rowan wood with unicorn hair

i'll finishe her later

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Imad Khan Name: Imad Khan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Year: 7
Appearance: http://www.flicksandbits.com/wp-conte...
History: Lives with Parents and 3 sisters. Everybody knows that he is The Chosen One who kills Voldemort
Personality: Modest, cares about friends
Animal: Hedwig the owl
Wand: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...
Other: Extremely AWESOME!!

message 12: by Sarah, So, so happy! (Oh, and Fred's the hotter twin) (new)

Sarah | 255 comments Mod
im not sure you can do that...

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Crowleaf | 147 comments Oh, yea, no characters from the books.

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Imad Khan ok changed it

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Crowleaf | 147 comments Could you change everything else too? besides gender year wand and age?

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Imad Khan but i cant think of anyone else

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Crowleaf | 147 comments You make one up.

message 18: by Imad Khan (new)

Imad Khan ok NOW i changed it

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ Name: Kaitlyn Marie Johnson, but everyone calls her Katie May
Age: 16
Gender: female
Year: 6
Appearance: her eye color

History: Katie May lives in southern Alabama. Even before she was 11 she started showing extreme signs of magic, which wasn't a surprise since she is a pure blood. Several magic schools in America offered her a spot, but when Hogwarts did, her parents insisted she go because they went. She has her pureblood parents and a fourteen year old sister who goes to a school in America.
Personality: Katie May, what wild country girl, there's no other words to describe her. She is a free spirited young lady. She is bubbly, positive, and outgoing. She will never let anyone get the best of her. She hates being wrong and will try every loophole to show she isn't. Under this crazy girl attitude, you'll find a sweet, compassionate girl full of love. She is kind and caring. Katie May is an angel with the temper of a devil. Although, that kind of temper is hard to provoke. She normally just gets agitated. She is also a giant flirt.
Animal: She has an eagle owl and an orange kitten named Ginger
Wand: 13 1/2 inch, unicorn hair core and rosewood.
Other: Her patronus is a horse She also has a cute, southern accent.

message 20: by Kelly☆ (new)

Kelly☆  (kelly-the-awesome-xd) Name: Lisa More
Gender: Female
Year: 3
Apperance: She has long black haire, taned, Chinese, brown eyes.
History: Her father is a wizard her mom is a muggle.
Personality: Loud, energitic, violent, nice, hardwroking.
Animal: An white snowy owl.
Wand:classic wood with cruvy lines and unicron haire.

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