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These are the Disciples of the Sins. Though they stand separate from one another, they are united against The Unfaithful, and are as willing to hand out the punishment against them as there Master's are.

-Full Name- This is the characters real/full name. First name(s), middle, last.

-Gender- Pretty basic. Is your character a female, male, transsexual, hermaphrodites?

-Age- How old is your character? Is s/he ten years old? Fifty? Six hundred and ninety-seven?

-Birth Date- When was your character born? April 15? August 22?

-Marital Status- Is your character single or married? Are they attached to anyone in particular or are they are a player?

-Hair- What's his/her hair like? Is it short and brown with blonde highlights? Long and raven black? Blonde in pigtails?

-Eyes:- Describe his/her eyes. Are they silver and shiny? Are they baby blue like a cloudless summer sky? Are they demonic red like a rose? Do they glimmer? Do they change color depending on his/her current mood?

-Origin- Where was this character born and raised?

-Language- What language does your character speak?

-Blood Type- What blood type does your character have? Is it O Positive or B Negative?

-Height- How tall is your character? Is he as huge as a giant and the rest of his people are small enough to be ants to him? Perhaps she’s small in size but her great heart makes her huge?

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- How much does s/he weigh? What is his/her body like? What physical faults does s/he have? Does s/he weigh 160lbs with an athletic form but a bad case of acne? Is s/he a warrior who weighs 225lbs but is entirely covered in muscle and has scars all over his/her body? Is s/he aged with wrinkles, heavy set, appearing to look about 215lbs, and has a withered arm or deformed face? If there are scars, how did s/he receive them? Does your character looks every inch human but has wings and horns like that of a demon?

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- Who raised your character? Is the mother or father deceased? Was your character an orphan? Does your character know his/her parents?

-Siblings- Is your character an only child? If no, who are/is his/her brother(s) or sister(s)?

-Friends/Allies- Who are your character's friends or is your character a recluse? Does your character have allies, perhaps a fellow street gang or another territory/country?

-Enemies- Everyone has at least one enemy--who is your character's enemy? Is it a rival country that wishes war for religious beliefs? Is it another street gang that's jealous because your character's gang has more power or money?

-Beliefs/Religion- What does your character believe in? Is s/he Agnostic, Satanic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish? Does your character pray ritualistically or worship a Pagan God or several Indian Gods? What are the God's names and what do they have powers over?

-Hobbies- What does s/he do in his/her spare time? Perhaps s/he enjoys listening to the Boston Symphony playing live in concert? Does s/he enjoy reading mystery novels or writing romance stories? Maybe s/he likes to be around animals and enjoys the comfort of a feline or the dependency of a beast.

-Loves- What does your character love to do? Does s/he love to paint? Does s/he love a certain pet? Perhaps s/he loves receiving boxes of chocolate from a loved one? How about two warriors dueling-- does your character love to watch or play spare within one?

-Loathes- What does your character hate the most of all? Perhaps an enemy ruler who is perfect and his people love him--your character hates him because s/he is jealous that the enemy ruler has everything?

-Fears- What his s/he afraid of? Everyone has a fear; even if somebody claims s/he is afraid of nothing then s/he is explaining s/he fears the absence of nothing. Maybe your character is a vampire and fears the sunlight?

-Talents- What makes your character different from everyone else? This is where you are allowed to have fun—BUT KEEP IT REALISTIC! Does s/he have luck when playing Texas Holdem (poker)? Is your character a wiz at computers? Can s/he read a four hundred page book in less than four hours?

-Temperament- This is where you explain your character's basic personality. Is your character an introvert or an extrovert? Is s/he a class clown or a shy book worm? Was your character born with the heredity genes to be a wild-driven party-lover? Perhaps s/he is difficult to deal with? Maybe s/he is easy when it comes to sexual activity. Is your character understanding of others? Or maybe s/he was held back in education by a learning disorder?

-Background- This has the largest writing section available because this is where you are going to explain your character's life story up to the point where s/he is first mentioned in the story (though some writers still continue the background throughout the character's appearance in the said tales). Even if your character is a 3 year old child, you still explain his/her background; how old was the child when s/he learned to speak or walk? This is where you can have as much fun as you would like with your character, but again KEEP IT REALISTIC! Perhaps your character is a 16 year old orphan; what happened to make him/her an orphan and explain his/her life up until s/he enters the story. Maybe your character is a senior citizen; explain most of his/her life if it is required for the story.

Character Profile Courtesy of KittyFelone

Characters must be approved by the moderator/s

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-Full Name- Kaede Ueno Takenaka

-Gender- Male, though, at times, he would appear otherwise...

-Age- 23

-Birth Date- January 22nd

-Marital Status- Single, currently.

-Hair- Kaede has hair that is rather long for a boy, that he keeps finely brushed and neat, rarely, if ever, taking scissors to the pale, almost white hair that fades to an airy pink close to the end of his locks. He has been know to tie it into a braid when in battle, or tuck it beneath a hat when he's going for a more manlier approach.

-Eyes- With slanted eyes as a nod to his Japanese heritage, Kaede's eyes are a rather strange shade of diluted red, almost hot pink in some lighting. This may have something to do with the radiation leaking from the Outlands, where he spent much of his childhood living on the fringes of civilization. They are noted to be slightly tired, with dark shadows ringing their edges, and his light, medium length eyelashes brushing his cheekbones when he blinks.

-Origin- Descended from Japanese though he is, Kaede comes from the area that once was the city of Chicago, but he is theorized to have been actually born in New Mexico, though why his parents would make the exodus back too the Sin's reach is beyond the young man.

-Language- Though taught English at an early age, Kaede still remembers fractured phrases of Japanese, and can sometimes lapse back into that language. But, all in all, English is his native speech.

-Blood Type- AB+

-Height- 5 ft, 8 in

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- Weighing a little over 125 lbs, Kaede is a rather androgynous male, with sharp, angled features, and sloped, gentle shoulders. Though most do not take him as a fighter, the wiry man holds an inner strength so far unrivalled by any of his bigger, thicker opponents.

His skinniness, though, can almost be described as a fault, and most would take him as anorexic at first sight, his spine and ribs bony ridges against his thin skin.

Notably long fingers grace his hands, though they are rather scarred with the torment of living in the outer slums, the criss-crossing scars faint trails in his skin leading up well past his wrists.

But, probably the biggest mark of all of his features are the sakura blossoms tattooed across his face in memorial of his deceased mother, Ueda. Starting on his left cheek, they stretch beneath his left eye, across his nose and ends beneath his opposite eyes, the blossoms frozen permanently in time.

But, of course, here is the customary picture.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- Kaede is the son of Ueda and Yuudai Takenaka, and, after his dear mother's death, his father became his sole guardian, despite his grief.

-Siblings- Unfortunately enough, Kaede was never gifted with the blessing of a dearest sibling.

-Friends/Allies- Will be added when there is actually other people in this fine, fine game.

-Enemies- Same as the above, but it has been noted that Kaede has a great hate of both Pride and Greed, though the reasons are unknown.

-Beliefs/Religion- Though his parents were faithful Buddhists, Kaede himself is a rather strict Atheist, only accepting divinities that have chosen to reveal themselves, such as the Sins.

-Hobbies- Though rather feminine, Kaede does enjoy more masculine things, such as the finer art of honing a bone thin blade and coating the needles of hair pins with a fine mix of poison. He also likes to garden in his free time.

-Loves- Kaede loves nothing more than the harrowing battle of hand to hand combat, and he isn't fearful of letting people now this. Besides this, he also loves Thailand cuisine, and he enjoys watching the preparation necessary for it. Oh, and before I forget, he likes to sleep for hours at a time.

-Loathes- Kaede hates the majority of the Sins with a passion unrivalled by the hottest sun, and few things top his list besides this, though he has also shown to have an extreme distaste for loud, brash, gluttonous folks.

-Fears- Above all other things, he fears dying of old age or alone with no one to bury him. To him, this is the utmost crime on his and any others part, and he expects his enemies to at least provide him with a burial.

-Talents- Kaede is rather gifted with the seduction of both men and women, and he uses this to his advantage whenever he can, even if in the heart of a battle. He is also rather proficient with poisons and other such sneaky things, learning it from the prostitutes he formerly worked with.

-Temperament- Like his appearance suggests, Kaede is one with a dangerous, lashing cunning, not recognizing friend from foe when it really comes down to it. He treats all with the same slow, demeaning speech and action, making lewd, rude, and crushing comments at a single whim.

Their is no second heart in this character, no false acting. What he is is what he is, and many would surmise it was caused by the tragic death of his mother nine years earlier.

-Background- As stated above, Kaede was raised in Chicago, where he spent his time scrounging for whatever he could and selling it to whoever would take it, no matter their side.

It was the way of his family for the past sixteen generations, and though he found it demeaning, he did it with little complaint, willing to dirty his hands for a full stomach later in the night.

When his mother died, though, everything changed, Him and his father began to grow distant, and, by the time either one wanted to bridge the sudden canyon, it was far too late.

When the silence became to much for either of them, Kaede made his choice and left, never returning. He spent a long, long time on his own, and, though he would never admit it aloud, he worked as a street walker catering to both sexes, and it is a shame he can never rid himself of.

When he was found by the Sins, he was added to the queue of hopefuls, and so he now waits.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) | 537 comments -Full Name- December Aine Alissa Jasmine Toone

-Gender- Female

-Age- 17

-Birth Date- (Okay, funny thing, my mom's b-day is actually August 22) April 18

-Marital Status- She was to be married, before her suitor became insane.

-Hair- Short cut and spiked. It changes from red to brown depending on the sun.

-Eyes:- Her eyes are almost all black (no white) but have specks of gold and silver.

-Origin- December is actually the daughter of a child of Lust, and Envy. She was born as a weapon, but fights herself to stay good.

-Language- She mostly speaks English

-Blood Type- A+

-Height- 5'8

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- December is arguably gorgeous, but in a dark way. Her body is bony and angled, with long legs and a slender neck, but her face is always hard.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- December was raised in a lab until she was 10 and found away to brake fre. She's been running from her "guardians" and her destiny ever since.

-Siblings- Unknown

-Friends/Allies- December doesn't talk to people much, in fear of what she might do.

-Enemies- Herself

-Beliefs/Religion- She doesn't know about "gods", what they are or stand for, but she trust that there is good out there.

-Hobbies- She likes to set quietly whenever she can and meditate.

-Loves- The sun, and watching people

-Loathes- Herself, the fact that she wants everything she can't have

-Fears- That she will, in fact, be the weapon she was born to be

-Talents- Dec can persuade people to do almost anything. She mostly uses it to get food.

-Temperament- I can never stick to the personality that I put down, so I'm not gonna put down one.

-Background- Basically told in the "Parents" part, but Dec is a child of Envy and Lust, born to be a weapon. She was raised with little human contact in a lab. When she was 10, she broke out, and has been running ever since.

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Cody (rolinor) | 497 comments -Full Name- Zasad Rakori

-Gender- Male

-Age- 34

-Birth Date- March 6

-Marital Status- single

-Hair- Black short hair

-Eyes:- Blue-grey

-Origin- He came from the north-western area of PA but has since left the area as he hated it.

-Language- English, Japanese, and German

-Blood Type- AB

-Height- 6' 2"

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- He is muscular, about 200 pounds, has several scares across him. He looks mostly human except his blackened arms with red script of an unknown language running down them.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- He doesn't know his parents, he was raised by his grandfather.

-Siblings- Only child

-Friends/Allies- relatively reclusive, may eventually make some friends.

-Enemies- Who ever he hates at the time... Pretty much all people.

-Beliefs/Religion- Atheist except for the sins.

-Hobbies- He practices sword and bow work often.

-Loves- he loves cold steel.

-Loathes- He hates the human race and it's stupidity.

-Fears- spiders... blasted evil creatures.

-Talents- He has an affinity with weapons, upon picking them up he's no master but he can use them to some effect.

-Temperament- Angry, reclusive, uncaring, takes a lover for a night then abandons her, fights for himself and no one else.

-Background- He was raised by his grandfather as a man of Wrath, he was raised by the sword and by the gun. To fight and kill. When he was ten he took his first life. Since then he has been a merc wandering the country taking jobs for gold, women etc.

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KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments -Full Name- Samantha Justice Keller (Goes by Sami)

-Gender- Female

-Age- 17

-Birth Date- August 3

-Marital Status- Not a player, but is openly flirty and wants someone

-Hair- Thick, black hair with a red tint that roles in waves down to her mid back.

-Eyes:- She has deep purple eyes with a mischievous glint in them

-Origin- She doesn't know where she was born, her birth mother left her in a box on the doorstep of an orphanage.

-Language- She can mainly speak english, but can learn others unusually quickly

-Blood Type- AB +

-Height- 5' 1"

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- She weighs 110 pounds. She is tiny with a tight, fit body that deceives you because she is a deadly fighter and quick on her feet. Her height can disadvantage her at times, but other times it works to her advantage.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- She was left on the doorstep of an orphanage and has been passed through many foster homes because the family never seems to want to keep her for more than a year.

-Siblings- Right now she thinks she is an only child, but she really has a twin brother that was sent to a different orphanage.

-Friends/Allies- Mainly a loner at this point, but she is looking for allies and to help others fight

-Enemies- It's her ex boyfriend. She found out that he was born into a society bent on killing people like her and broke up with him. He started to fight her and she slashed his cheek with her dagger harder then she intended. Now he has a scar on his cheek because of her.

-Beliefs/Religion- She doesn't have religion. She doesn't believe in any of that, she focuses on her mission to destroy eanything that opposes her and her causes.

-Hobbies- She loves to sing, to herself, but she would never let anyone know that. She's mainly into gymnastics and martial arts which is how she stays so fit.

-Loves- She loves watching other people in love. Sometimes it makes her sad and lonely, but their happiness radiates onto her.

-Loathes- She loathes her loneliness. She wishes she had someone to hold her and protect her.

-Fears- She's scared of bees. When she was little, her first and only friend was stung by a bee, but the foster family they both lived with blamed it on her and sent her away. Now she has no friends and blames bees. She's scared they might ruin something else for her.

-Talents- She is an insane gymnast and martial arts person. She combines them both in her fighting, and she is unparalleled.

-Temperament- She is a very open person, though not very many people like her because of her background and her fighting skills. She tends to be popular with guys and flirts with them, but they never spiral into anything more which bothers her. She is really sweet and funny and easy to love, but when you get on her bad side or make her angry, you may as well be dead.

-Background- When she and her twin brother were 5 months old, they were already showing fighting potential. Their parents started to worry. When they were 9 months old, someone came after them, hearing about who they were descended from and what potential they might have. Their parents fought the people off, but after words they were both badly injured. They took each child to a separate orphanage and moved away. They return twice a year to check up on the kids, but neither kid knows it's their parents. Now she goes to a regular high school, but changes foster homes quite often because no one can handle her for long. She is searching for something she feels is missing. She doesn't know she has a brother, and she is subconsciously looking for him, as well as her perfect match in a guy. (I will introduce her twin later, or someone else can make him.)

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Excellent, you are all approved! Now just head over to the dividing and let the Sins take a strip of you have a little bicker over you. Those of you who are freelanced can head over to the Outlands.

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KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments ahhahaa ok...

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 223 comments -Full Name- Akira

-Gender- Male

-Age- Sixteen

-Birth Date- December 10th

-Marital Status- Single

-Hair- Shoulder length and dyed pink, naturally black.

-Eyes- Dark brown, could be easily mistaken for black.

-Origin- Born in Tokyo, raised in LA, California.

-Language- English, Japanese

-Blood Type- AB

-Height- 5"2 and very, very sour about it.

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- Weighs about 130. Is skinny, but not really the attractive kind. The awkward kind. Self inflicted scars on ankles and lower legs.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- Raised by mother.

-Siblings- One older sibling, but she is presumed dead.

-Friends/Allies- Anyone who doesn't piss him off.

-Enemies- Anyone who does piss him off.

-Beliefs/Religion- Agonist.

-Hobbies- Likes collecting bottles.

-Loves- Salamanders, pencils, perfume, bottles, book cases (not the actual books, just how they look so neat on the book cases, you see).

-Loathes- His sister, his mother, god (if there is one, of course), stupid people, loud noises.

-Fears- Knives, water, loud noises.

-Talents- Cheating at games. Wears gloves in which he can hide cards, game pieces, the works. However, often ends up getting found out at the end of the game and, depending on the person, beaten up.

-Temperament- Reclusive, yet outspoken. Is usually a laid back, cool kind of person...but you may want to be careful of what you say, he has the thinnest skin and at the slightest insult will blow up. Absolutely no sexual experience, despite one previous boyfriend who he has labeled in his mind forever as a pervert after said boyfriend tried to coerce him into sex.

-Background- Mother divorced father and moved away to California with her 7 year old daughter, Yuuki, and 6 year old son.

Yuuki grows to hate Akira and sees him as the reason for her parent's divorce (he was the product of an unfaithful affair), and in return he hates her right back.

Yuuki is presumed kidnapped by a local serial rapist. Her body is never found. Mother sinks into a deep depression and turns to drugs and alcohol. Akira does anything and everything to get her attention, just for a moment. (This includes dying his hair pink.) It all fails.

Eventually, mother commits suicide. Akira, 12, runs from the CPA, having no desire to go to a foster home. He finds home with a bunch of other homeless kids who resemble a small family. Eventually, 16, he leaves them, too, to find his place in the world.

(Just a quick character sketch I've had in my mind for a while. Any suggestions or something you want cut? Go for it! I mean, point it out to me, don't actually just delete the post, please...)

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I know this isn't finished, but I'm just posting it while my mom uses the computer so she doesn't loose it on me like she did with Kaede >.<

-Full Name- Tuathal Ahearn

-Gender- Male

-Age- 22

-Birth Date- Septemeber 5th

-Marital Status- Single, Tuathal has no interest in relationships, and in his own terms it is nothing but a useless distraction.

-Hair- From the radiation farther North, Tuathal's hair has been bleached completely white, the deep brown it once was completely gone from it. He wears it in a rather shaggy mullet since he can't find the time or care to cut it.

-Eyes- Eyes a mellow green, they are centred rather evenly in his face, with heavy brows above. He has rather stubby eyelashes, and his eyes are almost always narrowed since he is slightly near-sighted.

-Origin- Tuathal comes from the lower Ontario regions, rather close to the great lakes, and this made him a rather hardy person survival wise.

-Language- Tuthal speaks cold, hard Canadian Tuathal knows only English, and he doesn't even speak that much.

-Blood Type- B-

-Height- Of average height, Tuathal scrapes around 5'7 to 5'9, but no taller. He is of a rather short breed, which is perfectly fine fore him.

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- As stated above, is rather short but is well proportioned, with a slender, lithe build suited for his career. He is rather muscled in his arms, but it tapers off when it comes to his shoulders, and he has rather slender hips.

He has a tattoo carved into his back in ode to the Sins that stretches from both hips all the way to his shoulders, the dark lines slightly high-lighted with a neon green not quite the same shade of his eyes.

His skin is quite dark, actually, and it is most likely that he has Inuit somewhere in his bloodline, and his rather strong facial features would back that theory up.


-Parents/Elders/Guardians- Despite the radiation where they roosted, Tuathal's family is an old one, and has lived in the area for over a hundred years. But it eventually came to much, and, in his eighteenth year, the last of his family passed on, his mother claimed one year and his father the next. Since he was already considered a legal adult, he left the tribe and went out on his own.

-Siblings- The only sibling he had, a sickly, unnamed sister, passed a week after her birth, and no child followed afterwards.

-Friends/Allies- Tuathal has close bonds with the Warriors belonging to Wrath and the silent killers of Envy, but no permanent relationship has been developed with anyone.


-Beliefs/Religion- Coming from a rather secluded tribe, Tuathal has a very strange, militaristic religion, the Sins play the roles of lesser Gods who were sent to show the One True Path to the foolish mortals below.

-Hobbies- Tuathal has no hobby, for the lovely art of assassination is his only interest, and if that can be considered a hobby, well, so be it.

-Loves- I do not know if Tuathal has the capability to love, but he has a fondness for hunting and swimming when he has the time.

-Loathes- Woman, love, overly crowded areas and other such things. Coming from a small village, many of the things he has been introduced too in the city scare him quite badly, male prostitutes being just one such of these things.

-Fears- Though many would scoff at it, Tuathal is afraid of women and their wiles, and avoids any kind of contact at all costs. To him, falling for a woman is like throwing down your shield and begging your enemies to kill you, and that is something he does not go for.

-Talents- Skilled with hand to hand combat and a short blade, these are his talents, and he is proud of it.

-Temperament- Tuthal is very, very quiet, and sometimes people even question his ability to speak, but it is a silence of his own choosing. He believes that actions speak louder than words, and that his accomplishments (and failures) are all that need to be known.

He has a a quick wit to back up his actions, and is one of the reasons he is good at what he is, though he has a rather nasty habit of killing his competitors (and so called betters) in a blind rage.

-Background- Coming from a small tribe of Nordic people around the former Great Lakes, Tuathal has been trained in the art of stealthy, intelligent warfare since a very young age, though he has killed very few people in his life, and only within the last few years.

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Mello wrote: "-Full Name- Akira

-Gender- Male

You're approved, cool character!

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 223 comments Demonic wrote: "Mello wrote: "-Full Name- Akira

-Gender- Male

You're approved, cool character!"

Thank you! And yours, too.

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
Lol, not quite done yet but thanks XP

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 223 comments Well, from what you have at least he looks quite cool ahaha!

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Cody (rolinor) | 497 comments -Full Name- Gishen Silaw

-Gender- male

-Age- 21

-Birth Date- July 23

-Marital Status- Single

-Hair- Black, short and spiked

-Eyes:- firey red and orange
-Origin- Unknown

-Language- English

-Blood Type- B-

-Height- 5' 9"

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- Athletic, muscled but non huge, he is rather pale though.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- He was raised by his parents nothing special about it... Till he ran away at the age of 12

-Siblings- only child

-Friends/Allies- None yet

-Enemies- He roams much and often enemies are fleeting.

-Beliefs/Religion- atheist but the sins

-Hobbies- He reads much, he practices arts of stealth and cunning very often as well, mixing potions, practicing with small weapons etc.

-Loves- TBA

-Loathes- Brash, loud annoying people.

-Fears- Losing his mind, he fears insanity.

-Talents- he can move without a sound, he is cat like.

-Temperament- He's rather quite yet wise, he's also seductive, towards men and women.

-Background- Ran away from his parents at 12 and met a disciple of lust who taught him much, about everything.

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 223 comments Oooo, awesome, Cody!

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-Full Name- Ameena Verisa Svente

-Gender- Female

-Age- 20

-Birth Date- October 31

-Marital Status- Recently single

-Hair- It is short and black. Shorter in the back and longer in the front her bangs tend to hide her face a little.

-Eyes:- Coffee brown, usually darker sometimes, if you're close enough, you can get a glimpse of gold or red.

-Origin- Born in Africa raised on the streets of New York

-Language- Enlgish, though she can get by in several african Dialects

-Blood Type- B negative

-Height- She is about 5 foot 1 but she uses it to her advantage

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- She is small, and slender. She weighs about 100 pound maybe more she inst sure. While her slight and little size may make her appear weak and an easy target, she is strong and tough and know how to take a punch or knife to the gut. She is very flexible and that come ot her advantage alot. She has two long scars on her flat belly she doenst discuss. She actually is a very pretty girl,darker skin, and angualr features.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- Her Grandmother Madrina raised her. Her parents were killed in Africa and she was snet wit hher grandmother to New York. When her grandmother died she raised her self learning the ways of the rough life

-Siblings- None that she knows of

-Friends/Allies- She is 'friends' with several gangs. She leads the local NY gang with a ferocity that many fear and respect.

-Enemies- Several gangs on the outskirts of New York and in Jersy

-Beliefs/Religion- She believes in Fate and luck

-Hobbies- She enjoys running beating the stufing out of a pillow, laughing, and occasionally you can hear her sing. Though she keeps a tough face. Usually seen teaching how to shoot a gun or throw a nife or a punch.

-Loves- She loves a good fight and feeling blood on her hands after breaking someones nose, especially if she doesnt like them. When not keeping up her rude and arroant tough self, she does enjoy singing.

-Loathes- She hates social ladders. She despises immorality and liars.

-Fears- Being unable to defend herself or others, lettign her gaurd down. She also fears water wheather she's barely ankle deep or fully imersed she starts to panick. THe ocea ndoes her in aswell.

-Talents- She is very charismatic, she has a lovely singing voice, she can take down a 200 pound man in a fight if she feels like it.

-Temperament- She hates stupid people. She is a smart and quick learner. Her photographic memory helps out alot with things. She defends people its a need she has to fill. She sticks up for weak sometimes, unless they are stupid. She can be a very seductive charismatic trusting person if she feels like it.

-Background- When her parents died in Africa her Grandmother sold everything, did everything possible to leave the country. Once in America the grandmother settled Ameena down and told her to be strong and smart. At the Age of 5 Ameena's grandmother died. A young girl on the streets kept an eye on Ameena and helped feed her. The orphanage eventually found her but Ameena didnt like it there. Turning ten she went out on the streets and forced people to teach her to defend herself, how to fight, hold a gun, etc. Since she kept working her way up usuing her looks and Ferocity to get what she wanted. She got a job teaching martial arts and uses that to pay for a small crappy apartment. While her home is crap, she makes sure she has some very nice clothing and jewelry etc at her beck and call. When she was 18 her friend Zinc was killed, the tow were very close practically ready to get married, thus Ameena being recently single, she hasnt gotten over him yet and her fear of being unable to defend herself/ others intensified. This also resulted in her scars.

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
You're approved.

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
Your approved, well done.

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
But the World is basically in an apocalypse ruled by psychotic Sins.

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KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments ahahahhaha that was funny..... :)

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R.J Carter wrote: "geez, with how long that took, anything other than a well done and i might have slapped someone"

0_0 Don't hurt me...

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Nope, just warning you. So, what Sin do you think your character would serve best?

message 23: by KKKKKKkkkkkkk (new)

KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments how did u know i was reading it? O.o

message 24: by KKKKKKkkkkkkk (new)

KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments ahahah ya.... :)

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R.J Carter wrote: "oh, ok, well now i'm confused. so my charrie is good, right??? gr, i give up...... *sigh* alright, let me think a moment, i'll get back to you on that question in a sec. if anyone reading this has ..."

Yep, your guy is perfect! Hmm, well, Wrath is more warfull and Pride is arrogant....

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KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments By the way, what is gluttony or whatever it's called?

message 27: by Diabolical Daemonic , Puraido (new)

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
Gluttony means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, intoxicants or wealth items to the point of waste. And we still need a mod to act for him too...

message 28: by KKKKKKkkkkkkk (new)

KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments got it. and what does envy do? i think im in that one, but I'm not sure what that entails..

message 29: by Diabolical Daemonic , Puraido (new)

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
Envy best defined as a resentful emotion that "occurs when a person lacks another's (perceived) superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.

Its jealousy XD

message 30: by KKKKKKkkkkkkk (new)

KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments haha I know that, but does my character have to act a certain way? its weird, she's not really the jealous type.. she's more of a warrior i guess...

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Ah, but the Envious (in this case) are the sleek, silent warriors that conteract Wrath's and Greeds. Tuathal is an example of such.

message 32: by KKKKKKkkkkkkk (new)

KKKKKKkkkkkkk (momomonkey96) | 396 comments ok... so its more like people are envious of them then they are envious of others... right?

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-Full Name- Raven DuBois

-Gender- Female

-Age- Centuries old but looks 17.

-Birth Date- October 13th

-Marital Status- Too many lovers to count

-Hair- Long black hair to her waist

-Eyes:- Ice blue

-Origin- Raven is considered a daughter of Lilith due to her lustful ways. She sold her soul to Lilith for eternal life and works for all of time to seduce men to sin. She was the daugter of a woman who was a Lust as well, where she learned the art of seduction.

-Language- English, Russian, Japanese

-Blood Type- O

-Height- 5'6

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- Raven is very voluptuous and wears clothes to accent her body. She is curvy in the hips, bosom, and backside but is flat in the stomach. She is physically gorgeous due to her sin and selling her soul to Lilith for eternal beauty.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- She did not know her father due to her mother's many lovers, but she was raised to be a lust by her mother. Her personal gaurdian is Lilith, who owns her soul.

-Siblings- Her mother has many children but she does not know them.

-Friends/Allies- Raven will ally herself with anyone who has something she needs or wants.

-Enemies- Anyone who threatens her power.

-Beliefs/Religion- She believes in God but she despises Him and his followers.

-Hobbies- Having sex, partying, seducing men and women, taking souls.

-Loves-power and sex.

-Loathes- Self-rightous and prude people.

-Fears- not being in control.

-Talents- Raven can seduce anyone, male or female. She can naturally charm people into doing her bidding.

-Temperament- Seductive, outgoing, raunchy.

-Background-Raven was raised to work as a Lust by her mother, who was one as well. Her mother always had men coming in and out, and believed in using your looks and sexuality to get ahead. Raven had a natural talent even as a young girl to charming people and manipulating them to get things she wanted. Lilith offered her eternal life in return for her service, and she made the deal at 17 years old.

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Well, this is rather easy to sort XD

message 35: by Diabolical Daemonic , Puraido (new)

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
And you're approved.

message 36: by ƒσαℓєη (new)

ƒσαℓєη | 10 comments Do they have to be people? Can they be animals?

message 37: by Diabolical Daemonic , Puraido (new)

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
Uh, no, this is just a human/sin roleplay group, and the sins are already taken...

message 38: by ƒσαℓєη (new)

ƒσαℓєη | 10 comments Oh okay.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) -Full Name- Jasmine Seppher Arabia

-Gender- Female

-Age- 21

-Birth Date- January 13th, 1990

-Marital Status- Single

-Hair- She has long luscious red hair that she likes to tie back in a ponytail.

-Eyes:- Her eyes are a deep maroon red nearing the color of blood that can change to a fiery red when she's angry.

-Origin- She born in Saudi Arabia as the princess to the Sultan, her father.

-Language- English... even though she can read Arabic. She was taught English so that she could communicate with a larger part of the world.

-Blood Type- O Negative

-Height- She is 5'6" tall, but her anger can make her seem like she's 6 feet.

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- She has a rather thin frame, but this helps her when she's fighting. She is quick and agile during her sparring matches. This has also given her a few scars on her arms and legs. She is strong, but it doesn't show much. Her one physical fault is a blue splotchy birthmark over her right eye.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- Jasmine's parents are now dead, but she was "raised" by her father the Sultan after her mother died in childbirth. She wasn't really raised by him as she was a girl and he wanted a son. He pushed her away and tossed her onto an advisor by the name of Saladin. He has since passed on by a poisonous capsule being put in his glass of wine.

-Siblings- She has a few half-sisters, but they despise her and she hasn't seen them in years.

-Friends/Allies- Jasmine has few, if any friends because she has such a hot-temper. Girls would never be her friends, but the boys feared her slightly. She was far too... different to be a friend. She has many allies who would help her, but their loyalty is constantly in question. She controls most of Saudi Arabia, but she doesn't wish to rule.

-Enemies- Since she is the princess of Saudi Arabia, there are many people who wish her dead. She has been nearly poisoned a dozen times at least. Assassins have entered her bedchambers. And who could forget that time her maid tried to slip an asp into her bath. Other countries wish to kill her to take over the little land she has. She has one true enemy though she doesn't know her name... it is her father's lover and killer.

-Beliefs/Religion- She used to be Christian who prayed every night, but after the world ended, she questions her own beliefs.

-Hobbies- She enjoys animals and the beasts of nature. She has a pet tiger named Shegra who is by her side constantly. When she sings, birds fly down to her, but she doesn't do it often. She has only been heard by others singing once, at her father's funeral. Her favorite hobby is sparring and fighting. She has gotten very good and can beat most of the war generals and soldiers in her army. Her favorite weapons include chakra discs and her trusty set of katars that belonged to her father.

-Loves- She loves to spar and fight people, especially men that she can beat, although she does love a challenge. She loves her pet tiger Shegra, and a falcon that stops by every now and again named Ramses.

-Loathes- What Jasmine loathes the most in the world is femininity. She can't stand the perfumes, the make-up, the constant beck and call of servants. She would much rather do everything herself. Dresses are fine as they allow her to move freely as she fights.

-Fears- She claims she is afraid of nothing, but in truth, she is afraid of one thing. She is most afraid of heights.

-Talents- Jasmine has a photographic memory and can remember everything she sees, smells, hears, touches, and tastes. This is also why she's good at sparring. She can see the tensing of muscles and knows exactly what they're about to do.

-Temperament- She is rather a wild card. It depends on how she's feeling. If she is in a good mood, she can be the kindest, most helpful person in the world. If she's in a rotten mood though, back away slowly. She is not afraid to rip your throat out.

-Background- Jasmine was born to her parents, Shasha and Makir Arabia, the Sultan and wife of Saudi Arabia. Her mother died during childbirth of blood loss. Her father was so distraught that he ordered his daughter to be removed from his sight for killing his love. He distanced himself from her at that day. He wished to marry her away so he would never have to see her again, but she turned out to be a violent child who was constantly having fits of rage. No one wanted to wed her. By the age of 6, she had learned how to fist fight against the boys. By the age of 9, she had learned how to throw a chakra disc. By the age of 16, she was the best fighter in the kingdom for the use of Katars. By the age of 18, she was one of the best fighters... period. At the age of 18, also her father was assassinated. A new lover had been in his room and suffocated him with a pillow. The lover escaped. Jasmine has vowed to hunt her down and tear her limb from limb. At the age of 20 she was crowned the Queen of Saudi Arabia. At the age of 21, the world went to hell.

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You're approved.

message 41: by E.J. (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) *smiles*

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 117 comments Mod
-Full Name-: Madula Karima Adrian Ablangata
-Gender-: Female
-Age-: 19
-Birth Date-: May 17th
-Marital Status-: Single, but her family is making plans for a marriage "tournament"

-Hair-: Maulda has long flowing naturally silver white hair. It goes whichever way, as she takes little care of it. It is usually tangled with dirt and leaves tucked away in it, unless there is a special occaision.
-Eyes-: Madula's left eye resembles a swirling mixture of hues found in the twilight hours, while her right eyes resembles the hazy fiery red and gold depths of hell. Of course, this is natural for her people. When she is angry or very deep in thought, they become a bright hazy green.

-Origin-: Madula comes from an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Her tribe, the Natukan, eliminated all those who managed to find the island. The lush island is home to species of animas and plants thought to be extinict. On the island, there are several tribes that are either allied or warring. It's all very gruesome, what they do their enemies ad those who find the island.
-Language-: Madula mainly speaks her native tongue, but has learned multiple languages from people who had made it past turbulent waters. She has perfected her Russian, English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

-Blood Type-: OB Negative

-Height-: 6'2"
-Weight/ Body Structure/ Physical Faults-: Madula weighs around 145 pounds, a solid ten of those added by firm ad tattooed bosoms. In fact, most of her body is tattooed. They are mostly swirls of different hues, but there are a few flowers mixed in, along with a large one on her left bosom. She isn't strapping with musculs, but has a sleek and athletic build, almost like a feline. She's build more for speed, which she is famous for among the tribes. She still rather curvy in the hip and bust area, but that doesn't very much affect her.

Madula has a heart shaped face, with high cheek bones and plump lips. She is tan from long exposure to the sun, but not to a point that it is deep. She has scars that cover large areas of her body. Most are situated around her face and neck. She also has a burn that waxes and wanes when she speaks. It's a deep red and goes around her right eye.

-Parents/Elders/Guardians-: Madula's parents were brutally murdered when she was three before her eyes. Her grandmother is her guardian now, though she is doting due to her late mate's death.
-Sibling-: Madula has a twin brother, Madunis, and an adopted younger sister. They are all on speaking terms, but her younger sister adores her.
-Friends/Allies-: Madula doesn't have many friends, as she can't stand the girls placing themselves as unequals next to men. She has a cousin she would consider her best friend, Riza. Her tribe is also allied to Latika, the Mermandif, and the Ferdonas.
-Enemies-: Madula's tribe has many enemies, but her only enemy focus has to be the family that destroyed hers.

-Beliefs/Religion-: Madula has never believed in a higher power, but she has recently begun to question that.

-Hobbies-: Madula has tried her hand in many different things, but she enjoys running through the trees most. She also likes climbing and hunting, mainly because those are times that the wars and fighting are most noticeable. It helps her releive the stress of being joint chief with her brother.
-Loves-: Madula loves hunting. It doesn't matter what her objective is, she'll persue her prey like a rabid animal. She has been known to maime the peoples of rivalling tribes when they got in the way of hunting. She also loves open spaces. She feels most at home in a tropical area.
-Loathes-: Madula loathes seeing women lower themselves to mere objects just for men. She slips into a horrible fit when she sees such. She also hates modern transportation, damaging every single window when she encounters one.
-Fears-: Madula hates to admit it, but she fears modernization. It freaks her out more than anything.
-Talents-: Madula is the fastest on the island, something she doesn't think much of. She has never been outrun since she was ten. Most of the island's animals had adapted to her speed, thus making her work harder as well.

-Temperment-: Madula is usually fun loving and knowing, but sometimes she will take charge and be the leader that everyone needs. She can be cruel, escpecially when dealing out a punishment, but can also be merciful. She is easily angered, and is an unstoppable force whe pushed over the edge. She has a strong aversion to men, but regards them as equals. She has her moments of confusion and those of wisdom beyond her years.

-Background-: Madula has hed a difficult life. At the age of three, she witnessed her parents untimely deaths with her twin brother. She recognized their killers as members of a rivalling tribe, one her tribe has never allied itself with in all their years. She and her brother were left in the care of their aunt, Merisolle. When she was seven, Madula watched yet another death as the rivalling tribe struck again. The Natukans were decimated to few after a raid, leaving my children orphaned. At that time, Madula found her younger sister, Ezra, as an little babe crying out. Madula took Ezra with her when she and her brother fled to their grandmother. When Madula and Madunis reached the age of 15, they became joint chiefs of the Natukans. They've been trying to find the Gritonias since then.

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
I'll finish this when I get home ;)

-Full Name- Kora Heinrichs

-Gender- Female

-Age- 18

-Birth Date November 12th

-Marital Status- Love is too much work, and Kora could care less for the affections of a man.

-Hair- Kora has very long, naturally red hair that she refuses to cut or bind in any way, probably because she thinks its to much work to do overall. So it remains rather tousled at times, since she doesn't groom it too much.

-Eyes- Deep set and a milky green, Kora has serious cataracts hindering her vision, and she can barely see in the best of times. Naturally a vibrant green, her eyes are shaped like almonds and are almost always half-lidded.

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Bloodblader | 100 comments Full Name- Brian Miller

-Gender- Male
-Age- 22
-Birth Date- June 7
-Marital Status-
-Appearance- [image error]

-Hair- sort dirty blonde hair
-Eyes:- deep Blue as norm
When angered or ready to fight there crimson
-Origin- he was born in a different dimension

-Language- English
But do to his travels he is heard speaking the language of any one he talks to

-Blood Type- do to his heritage his blood type is a unknown type
-Height- 5’9”

-Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults- 195/ thin/a ringed scare around his right arm

-Parents/Elders/Guardians- his parents were mostly norm, jest a little nutty/ he is the descendent of one of the demon Overlords
-Siblings- he has a brother
-Friends/Allies- unknown as of yet
-Enemies- none yet
-Beliefs/Religion- Religion ha he only tries to stay alive and find his way home

-Hobbies- crazy for swords of all types, reading manga


-Loathes- being alone

-Fears- losing loved ones

-Talents- do to his heritage he can’t bleed to death, and make weapons and armor out of his blood

-Temperament- hard to anger, shy when he likes someone.

-Background- found out about his ancestor after falling thru a portal now he tries to find his way home

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Bloodblader | 100 comments this good for now right

message 46: by Diabolical Daemonic , Puraido (new)

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 624 comments Mod
Approved, but try to thicken out a bit more later, please.

message 47: by Bloodblader (new)

Bloodblader | 100 comments ok ill do so

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ƒσαℓєη | 10 comments - Full Name - Xavier Kuro Shimura

- Gender - Male

- Age - 17

- Birth Date - January 17, 1993

- Maritial Status - He attracts a lot of females but all now deceased because of him. Single.

- Hair - Rugged, ebony-black, medium hair.

- Eyes - Either change from soft aqua to metallic silvery blue.

- Origin - He hails from the island of Hokkaido, Japan. It's lush in many areas, but has the city life as well.

- Language - As an assassin, he's open to many languages like English, Russian, French,
etc. But his mother tongue katakana Japanese.

- Blood Type - O negative

- Height - 6'2

- Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults - Weighing at 190 lbs., Xavier has the physique of a dancer. Lightweight, swift, and nimble yet well toned in muscle. He has a long scar running from his left shoulder to his right flank, as well as an 'X' on his chest, which he
had no idea how he got.

- Parents/Elders/Guardians - His parents sent him to boarding school when he was 6. He was accused of killing a student and became a delinquent. There, he was adopted by a wealthy man who raised children to be adept ninja assassins. Xavier was the best of the best, known to kill almost an entire city without leaving a fingerprint behind. He calls the man his 'father.'

- Siblings - He doesn't recall having any siblings. He may have some he never

- Friends/Allies - His once fellow comrades in crime. As of now, none yet.

- Enemies - Those who despise his work or interfere, in other words, those who follow the
call of justice, the police, and some citizens. None so far in this new realm.

- Beliefs/Religion - He was born from a Christian family, but decided to become an atheist.

- Hobbies - He thinks of new strategies to penetrate a barrier, but once in a while will he succumb to childish pass times like reading manga and watching anime.

- Loves - He craves the rush of blood he delivers from his victims. Without it, he'll most
likely go berserk until his need is complete, he'll cut himself if he has too. He also likes
some company once in a while, but not constantly. Peace and quiet is what he goes for.

- Loathes - People who talk way to much, or things that go past his comfort zone when it comes to love.

- Fears - To not disgrace his 'father'

- Talents - He is skilled in the martial art of 'tricking.' ( A martial art that combines the use of the Katana with flips, cartwheeling, etc. ) He is extraordinary at blending into his surroundings, and has adept senses. He is a master at the Katana, almost super human with it, and cut anything as fast and as small as a BB gun pellet. He can write and speak
in multiple languages. Can kill without leaving a trace behind.

- Temperament - He's a structured introvert. If there is a crowd, his first instinct is to blend in to it during a mission, but naturally will stray away from people. If someone insults him, he plans for them to be his next target. To those he tolerates, he'll soften his outer shell slightly and may even be seen chuckling with those certain people. Otherwise, he's arrogant and self-centered. Xavier doesn't give gratitude as easily as his peers did, and is mostly a stoned, and stern character.

- Background - Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Xavier was always getting into trouble. It went too far when he was in boarding school. When he was 6, his principal found him with a corpse of his fellow students. Befuddled and scared, Xavier became a delinquent and
stayed in a juvenile prison for 5 years. At age 11, a wealthy man had seen Xavier's fit structure and bailed him out and bought him from his parents. Xavier's trust for the man grew by every day he grew stronger. By 15, he was a living weapon. Capable of using any sort of everyday utensil and shatter bones with it, Xavier was an acknowledged ninja assassin. He took down everyone his 'father' sent him to kill, from the famous to the infamous, from family members to small children living on the block, Xavier was a ruthless beast. One mission, Xavier screwed up and his honor was suddenly question. His 'father' was disgraced. To redeem himself, Xavier was going to take out the prime minister. He was a hair from succeeding, but miscounted the number of guards, and was shot at the age of 17. He now lives in the realm of the Inferno.

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Demonic wrote: "Approved, but try to thicken out a bit more later, please."

Is mine approved?

message 50: by John (new)

John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 223 comments Oooo...well, if it helps any, I approve it (*is also a moderator*). But I'd still wait for Demonic to make sure.

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