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When the guests arrived the cooks were going crazy cooking everything perfectly the host was making the finishing touches.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Ashlynn arrived.It took so much energy to teleport she sat down on one of the chairs.

Samino ~Darken your clothes~ Thing 4 (saminochene) | 2438 comments Taylor holds prim closely.

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Aqua Amber and Alice walked in.

Prim and Taylor walked in hand in hand

Dylan and Lauren walked in hand in hand.

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Lok opened the door as he and Nikki walked out of the Limo

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) She took his arm and they walked through the doors,that were being held open for them,everyone smiled and cheered as they went to sit at the head table.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 4878 comments seth walked with amber holding her hand

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Amber lightly squeezed Seth's hand

Dylan held Lauren's hand

Aqua and Alice chatted about Alice walking down the aisle throwing petals.

Prim smiled and and held Taylor's hand.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 4878 comments seth smiled at her

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Ashlynn geustured to their table.

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Lok pulled out Nikki's seat for her and pushed it in when she sat down.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Thank you love.She sent as she sat down.

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)Lauren really needs to catch the bouquet!)

Samino ~Darken your clothes~ Thing 4 (saminochene) | 2438 comments ((IM SO PISSED GR IS.T.LOADING RIGHT I CANT POST ANYTHING!))

Taylor sat with prim. "That was a.beautiful ceramony."

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(aaaaaaaaaahhh!!,sorry) Prim smiles"yes it was....did you see the flower girl...she was going ewww when they kissed"Prim said chuckling.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Ashlynn was getting bored.

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You're welcome so when are you going to throw the bouquet? he asked

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Amber sat beside Seth,Aqua and Alice sat near Amber.Dylan sat beside Lauren.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) When we have finished eating love,be patient,tell your sister that.She sent as she began to eat.

Samino ~Darken your clothes~ Thing 4 (saminochene) | 2438 comments Taylor laughs. "Yes i definately saw that."

((Remnds me of the royal wedding))

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((Hey,you all know that if people gently tap a fork against there glasses,that the have to kiss.))

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Why does he need to tell me that? Lauren asked Nikki

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Because I didn't think you could hear me,that's why.She sent.

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((ha I couldn't stay up long enough to see the good stuff,all I saw was people arrive))Prim smiles .

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But why do i need to catch it? she asked grinning

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Dylan heard it,he slowly turned his neck to look at Lok with his eyes wide.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) You'll see.She sent,Now love when the glasses are clanked we have to kiss.She sent to him.

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Lok looked at Dylan and told him Don't even ask. Im as confused as you.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nikki smiled,just as she was about to say something the people clanked there glasses.

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Lok smiled and kissed Nikki.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Wolfgirl200 wrote: "Amber sat beside Seth,Aqua and Alice sat near Amber.Dylan sat beside Lauren."

What about me? I guess I sit by them to.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) She smiled and kissed him back,everyone clapped.

((Forward an hr,for the dance and bouquet throwing.))

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the disco ball turned on,it turned with the beat of the music,A band walked out onto the stage and began to play a song chosen by the bride and groom.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((Ah hour later,everyone had finished eating and was dancing.))

Nikki and Lok were still at there table,"Lets go dance love."She said getting up.

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(Whats the song!)

Samino ~Darken your clothes~ Thing 4 (saminochene) | 2438 comments Taylor closes his eye. "Prim i have to go. Work calls," he says. He waits for say its okay.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Tyler {The Ninjasaur} wrote: "(Whats the song!)"

((Uh, "DJ's gotta us falling in love."))

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"Alright." Lok said grabbing her hand and taking her to the dance floor.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 4878 comments seth danced with amber

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) She walked out with him,she wrapped her arms around his neck as his went to her hips,they swayed and moved.

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Prim smiles" its...okay..bye......"Prim says

Dylan got up and put his hand out for Lauren"would you like to dance?"Dylan asked

Aqua danced with Alice

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Ashlynn just sat there,wishing just for once that William was here to dance with."No.I have to stop doing that.I just need to wash up that's all." She went to one of the bathrooms and saw her eyes glow red."Huh??!!??!" She was just to freaked out to do anything except go back and dance by herself. (That's the thing I was talking about Wolfy.

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Lauren look at Dylan and smiled, "Yes that would be nice." she said taking his hand.

Lok looked at Nikki, "I love you so much and i want to spend the rest of my life with you." he said dancing with her.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 4878 comments seth spun amber

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) "As do I."She said as they danced."Now I have to throw thee bouquet."She said.

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"Alright." Lok said letting her go.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Ashlynn wanted to catch the bouquet,but a feeling deep down told her NO,it's for Lauren.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) "Time to throw the bouquet."She said,"All single girls on the dance floor."She said.

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