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message 1: by Kairi (new)

Kairi  | 55 comments My favorite show soooo amazing I hope the little boys survives and they find that little girl lol so many little peole :)

message 2: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (tiff0505) | 7 comments Its such a good show...I felt bad for that mom because her daughter is all she has her husband used to beat her and man she can't seem to get a break. I love Rick (I think his name is but I wish he'd leave his wife and get with that blonde girl who lost her sister, I like the thought of those two hooking up)

message 3: by Kairi (new)

Kairi  | 55 comments Yes but the breaking up part would be awkward

message 4: by Kairi (new)

Kairi  | 55 comments It was sad how Sophia was a zombie but I predicted that whole scene :D :(

message 5: by Kimi (new)

Kimi (kimisokool) I should start watching... maybe I will soon. =)

message 6: by Kairi (new)

Kairi  | 55 comments It's soooo good

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