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Larap Someone mentioned here that a lot of people wouldn't like 'Solitude,' but those who did would love it. I'm in that group. Simply amazing, beautiful, complicated. Has everything I want in a novel and more, and I'd probably put it on any list of life changing books with gusto. I'm going for 'Cholera' next, with high hopes!

Patricia O'Hara Complicated. Yes. But clear to feel. I read this book twice. first in '72. Then in '99. Never loan out you best book to 'anyone'. Dogs eat them, kids color on the pages. My favorate 'I was reading it while stirring soup on the stove and it fell in." Now I need to go out and buy another one.
Enough wining. I just finished "Death Before Dying" by Deon Meyer. A new voice in the thriller arena.
Best Regards, Patricia

Lady Jane I experienced the opposite. I had heard so much hype about this book from professors and so-called experts that I dived into it with high expectations, only to be painfully disappointed.

C.E. Crowder I guess I defy the original prediction; I neither loved it nor disliked it, thought it was just okay. Amusing in several parts. I understood the general metaphor to Columbia being largely ignored by the rest of the world. The ending was interesting in how it wrapped things up. I feel sort of ambivalent about it, as a whole.

Suzan G I adore this book! It is rich rich rich with beautiful allegory and analogy and symbolism. The prose is astounding and in a category of it's own on so many levels.
I feel the rich prose of White Oleander,and the intense plot of Shantaram,mixed with Romeo and Juliet come close to becoming all together what this book singularly exudes. What a joy for me.

Karen I loved this book so much that I didn't want to leave it, so when I got to the end, I turned back to the beginning and started it over again!

Mark I found this book in a box of used books and had not heard of the author at that time. The writing was extremely good, but I did not know where the author was headed until the end. Not an easy read, but well worth the effort.

emily c. I also love this book. It is very unpredictable; things unfolded in suprising yet delightful ways. It took me a while to finish it and I felt old when I did (after a hundred years of solitary reading as I told my room mate) because I just witness the rise and fall of an entire clan and the experience was quite pleasurable. Characters died, some vanished and were forgotten,others returned but I was still there, witnessing, almost like Melquiades. A very good read indeed.

George Hamilton Loved this book when I read it some years ago. Marquez's use of language is delightful. I sometimes try to decipher an author's best metaphors to work out how they came up with them - have done so with a few of Toni Morrison's - but I was unable to scratch the surface of most of Marquez's.

message 10: by K. (new) - rated it 5 stars

K. K. This book inspired me to become an author. Love it more than words can express.

Katalin Larap wrote: "Someone mentioned here that a lot of people wouldn't like 'Solitude,' but those who did would love it. I'm in that group. Simply amazing, beautiful, complicated. Has everything I want in a novel an..."

You will love it! Then watch the movie!! Beautiful movie they made a few years ago from that book!

Rawan one of the only books that made me want to reread it since it's so complicated , I know it doesn't really have a point but does it really need one , I felt it was a documentation of an entire family from start to finish , all the good and bad times , it was very entertaining , made me actually want to look up stuff about my own ancestors .

I wouldn't say it's live changing though , I would say it made me more aware of the choices I make .

bit honestly one of the best things if not the best is the title , it's perfect for this novel .

Christamar Varicella Loved the book. Haven't read much else by Marquez. Any recommendations?

Katalin Anything he wrote...

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Duy I love this book very much! It is very complicated and interesting, so I have read it several times. It is one of the most favorite books of mine.

Julio Delgado I often think that being able to read "Cien años de soledad" as it was originally written by García Márquez is one of the best possible excuses to learn Spanish.
Trust me. I am sure there are good translations out there, but the original is absolutely amazing.

Layla love it!!!! I started reading it as a challenge to make sure my spanish was still good, no other reason. Had no clue who Marques was, I picked up just because of the name. Now I have read it 4 times. That first one with a dictionary right next me. Because of this book I became confident to read more books in spanish. There are great one out there.

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Mira One of my favorite books. This book is the reason I went away for 6 years and learned Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country. Changed the whole course of my life. I am now married to a Cuban, speak Spanish fluently, and have read One Hundred Years of Solitude eight times in English and three in Spanish. Love it. It saddens me that Gabo isn't writing anymore.

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Eric Bruen It's a hard statement to make - but I think this is my favourite book of all time. I've bought (or at least acquired) 4 copies over the years because I keep taking it off my shelf and insisting my friends take it home. I usually never give away my books and don't like to force my tastes on anyone, but with this book, I just love it so much, I want everyone else to love it too. It's so beautiful, I stop living while reading it, no matter what I'm doing my mind's always in Macondo. I haven't had a reading experience like it since

David Wilson Loved it and have read it three times. First time I remember reading less and less for the last few days as I did not want it to end.

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i. I loved the book, I've read it twice and I will probably read it again.

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