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Audio + Video > Christian Parents Beat Daughter to Death, Claim It Was Suicide

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Hazel | 214 comments How the fuck does a book like that get passed the proof reading stage?

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George King (kinggeorge) | 141 comments This made me sick. Just because something is in the Bible, why does that make it so?

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Cora Judd (corajudd) | 163 comments How incredibly sad and pointless.

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Melki | 211 comments To Train Up A Child is readily available on Amazon. I'm horrified to see this is one of the reviews:
"I enjoyed it so much that I ordered 8 more of them to give to each family at Christmas. --No Greater Joy, Sample Copy 1999, p. 8."

Thankfully, the customer reviews take a much dimmer view, with 774 one-star reviews and this very sad comment:

"My mother was given this book while I was a child. Wanting to raise a well-behaved child, she would spank me with a belt. She is proud of me. I am a senior at Princeton University and practicing Catholic. However, today my mother would tell you that I am these things in spite of the teachings of "To Train Up a Child," in spite of the self-loathing and insecurity caused by whippings which would not end until I could pretend to be content. Pretend to embrace the necessity for my own torture.

I was abused. Please do not look to this book for guidance."

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Hazel | 214 comments the story of Rebekah, the Pearls daugher:


I'm choked up reading these, its so sad.

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Hazel | 214 comments oh, and an online version of "To Train up a Child":

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