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Marya OK i know aubrey said she made it, but here it is, so start your comments when you are finished.

Aubrey so here it is :) I really liked the way it ended with Oskar finding the guy and then he and his grandfather filling up the coffin with letters. The thing with the empty book and the grandmother still confuses me though. I know she says that it's because her life is just a bunch of spaces, but I'm still kind of confused by it.

Marya i didnt understand the whole crummy eye thing. like she couldnt see that she was typing nothing, but she could read his book? i dont understand, unless it was some sort of metaphor?

Aubrey well, it said something about them wanting to be able to help eachother. maybe that was it???? she wanted him to read it to her???? i have no idea.

Marya idk. my best bet is that maybe it was saying that she didnt know what her life was about, and was counting on him to tell her. or maybe she thought taht she was putting words on the page, and that she had a completely wrong idea about what her life was - she thought it was full but it was empty?

Aubrey hmmmm, maybe. i think probably the first one makes more sense

Marya yeah, me too.

message 8: by Donnaelrick (new) - added it

Donnaelrick Elrick My daughter told me it was the best book she ever read. I listened to the audio version because I hate incorrect punctuation and improper English.
Even though I finished it, I found myself saying "WHY OH WHY DID I BOTHER?"

Tarun its a beautiful read indeed!

message 10: by Kemi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kemi As for the crummy eye part... I believe the grandmother said that moreso because she wanted him (her husband) to notice. She considered her life full of spaces, and wrote the story her life that way intentionally. Her husband thought that she believed she was actually writing words. He didn't want to break her by telling her that it was all blank, so he pretended to read it as to avoid hurting her feelings. It was a twist that she knew the whole time.

message 11: by Vicki (new) - rated it 1 star

Vicki OK - I should have listened to my inner reader and left off with this book. But it was the only paperback handy when I needed a book on the commuter train!
I didn't like the gimmicky treatments throughout - the pages with one word and the illustrations. The grandfather struck me as seriously mentally ill and Grandma was the enabler.
And the main character emerged whiny and inept, when it was revealed it was mom who had set up his quest. My guess is that she enabled her husband too. Didn't she say "...he often couldn't see the forest for the trees". I can see why it was made into a movie, though I won't see it now. The 9/11 experience is just now emerging as a genre. Let's hope it gets better from here.

message 12: by Kim (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kim I really didn't get into this book. I figured for the first time I would read the book before seeing the movie. I went from super excited for the movie to being very meh for lack of a better word. They say the books are usually better then the movie, we shall see.

Helen Stevens Marya wrote: "i didnt understand the whole crummy eye thing. like she couldnt see that she was typing nothing, but she could read his book? i dont understand, unless it was some sort of metaphor?"

She knew that the pages were blank...she said later on that she sat there pressing the space bar over and over, and she let him believe she was typing her story but couldn't see the lack of words.

Amanda For people like me who disliked this book, the movie is better then the book.. made it feel more cohesive and solid of a story, also made the characters a tad more realistic (to me the book made the characters unrelateable) and improved on the ending. Or at least that is how I felt. For those who hated the book, don't cancel out giving the movie a chance.

For those who liked the book, the movie won't do the book justice.

Susan If you chuck out the whole story of the stupid grandfather, it is a good book. I listened to the audio and the man narrating the grandfather had the most annoying voice to add to the annoying writing. IMHO.

message 16: by Mason (new)

Mason For the people who said that this book was awful and only listened to it on audio, you're really missing out. For the people that didn't understand the grandma thing with her "crummy" eyes, she could see just fine, she just wanted attention, and she felt that her life was composed of spaces, that's why she put just spaces on the paper. There is so much symbolism in this book, and I consider it a great read.

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