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Is the movie anything like the book?
Michael Michael Oct 28, 2011 07:17AM
I just read the Lovely Bones and it was terrible, it was so weak in character and the story was not consistent. It was so forgettable, I rated it 2/5 and it is being generous because it deserved lower than that. I never watched the movie yet, but if it is anything like this book, than I will pass.

what are you thoughts on the movie, is it better,worst?I don`t want to watch it, if it follows the book throughout.

I think the book was great. I loved picturing a place like the author's heaven. The main character was well developed, and the story was so unique- I was hooked by the first line! I gave the book to a friend of mine who is a mom, and she was horrified by the story. It wasn't that she didn't like it, it was that as a parent, she couldn't bear the anguish felt by the characters. Not a parent myself, I still ached as I read the book. I so looked forward to the movie, and was very disappointed! I agree with "trixieKitten" who wrote " was playing too safe..." This was a tricky topic, yes, but the movie left out much of what made it so real, so heart wrenching, so beautiful. I would have preferred to see a film that wasn't afraid to face the uncomfortable subject matter. Had it done that, it would have left the viewer with a better overall impression of the book's purpose.

I liked the book, and the movie was OK-- but it seemed like it was playing too safe, if that makes sense.

Kathleen It does make sense! I agree.
Oct 28, 2011 04:48PM · flag

i think you're the very first person i have heard didnt like the book. i just finally read it an i thought it was great. I mean yes there are a few things i think the writer could have skipped or said with less words but in all it was a good book.

I liked the book and the movie. Both are good.

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