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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Write your weekly post.

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written by Judy Blume.Double Fudge.This book is about a kid named Peter and his stars of with fudge wich is peter's little brother,falling in love with money. But fudge realised that money dose not just comes and gose without working .And peter's life becomes crazy! On page 4 fudge said "how much would it cost to buy New York?" Or on page 17 fudge say's "cant you just go to a ATM get money"?So i think that fudge will start try'ing to save up to buy the second pair of shoes he wanted.This book reaminds me of the book diary of a wimpy kid (dog days),because greg wants money but he dose'nt need it for what he wants he needs it to pay rowley's dad.

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NATHAN | 1 comments greg just wanted to forget about what happend to him over the summer.And hide it from everybody at school,but his brother Rodrick,knew what his little secret.Now rodrick has control over greg.And as always,greg has a bad year in shool.I think that at the end greg will end up being happy because in The start he was mad,then happy,then,mad so thats it

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i have been reading the book goosebumps horrorland.Two girls went to a old graveyard where wind howled through the trees as britney was shivering and asking herself what is she doing here.I predict that she might find a person cawling up from the dirt raising his or hers hand and reaching for some place to have a grip and get up and create an undead zombie army

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Margaret and Casey thought there dad was the normal ordinary dr. brewer that plants things in the basement but when the Dr.Brewer go in the basement all the time up to 24 hours they start to worry.There mom has just left the house because her sister is in poor health, the two children are left,in a house, with a dad that doesnt seem to see them.So when Dr. Brewer went to drop off Margret and Casey's mom they ran down the basement stairs they took a deep breath and opened but to there suprise he wasnt just making ANY plant.when they found out what there dad was making, Casey said "We studied the rain forest in school, maybe dads making a rain forest" Casey also took his shirt off because it was hot like someone was at a hot tub.When they were walking up the basement stairs,Margaret and Casey saw there father with a furious angry looked that was horrible.Margaret let out a small scream as her father yelled Stay out of the basement! he repeated Stay out of the basement. Why did there father scream like that? Why were Margaret and Casey not allowed in there?

Margaret was downstairs in the middle of the night looking for a snack, when she saw her father in the bathroom she scooted in closer and hid, she saw her dad releasing a bandage from his hand she stared in horror as her dad was bleeding Green Blood, she knew that was blood. she knew that wasnt a joke, that was green blood bleeding from her fathers hand, as soon as he was finshed he put the bandage back on and started to leave, when margaret started speed walk to her room she fell accidentaly, then her father said "Whos there? Margaret? Casey?" margaret dashed out of the room and into her bedroom she hid over the covers and hoped that her father didnt come in here,when she heard footsteps head downstairs she let out a sigh of relief and went to bed.The next morning Dr. Brewer wanted the kids to eat this type of food that was green and mushed and put into a bowl he stared at them pleeding to eat the disgusting green goo, Casey stared back at Dr. Brewer, margaret let out a sigh.There lives were saved, Mr.Martinez was at the door.

He had saved them from eating disgusting muck.The doorbell rang and as Mr.Martinez came in he waved to the children but Dr.Brewer didnt know he was coming over, he kept blocking the way to the basement door and as he was doing that Casey and Margaret were already puting there bowls of goo in the trash they left the bowls on the table expecting there dad to think they ate it.They walked upstairs confused that there dad would block the way to the basement door, thats when they decided this was serious they decided to go in the basement one more time, that night they never saw Mr.Martinez leave the basement so when there dad went to go drop Mr. Martinez at his house the kids started bursting in the basement once again the saw the plants moaning and groaning quietly moving around like they are trapped in this hot room, then in horror they see Mr.Martinez's lab coat on the floor scattered.Did Dr.Brewer kill him? Margaret and Casey were confused

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i have been reading frindle by andrew clements its about a boy named nick and one day he finds out something weird about words. so he invinted the .... the frindle who says a pen has to be called a pen. his teacher wants him to stop the word but the funny thing is that the frindle doesnt belong to him . there is nothing nick can do

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once upon a time my dad fixed a car at his shop in,then he was winning a piece of candy then he wanted to go to rest and it was raining then we all went to seaworld my whole family had a lot of fun and me too i mostly have fun with my family especially my friends and family and we went swimming

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i have been reading sponge bob square pants kraby patty by steven .v. vicker today begining he was a sleep the horn went off he jump out of his bed and fell down the stairs he went to work middle he made a kraby patty sent it to the person that orderd it he screamed at sponge bob end sponge bob started crying he comed down and went home and went to sleep

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The name of the book i'm reading is Stuart little by E.B White stuart had a job as a substiute teacher.he would prove to be a good subsuite teacher.he did not teach any of the subject that miss gunderson usally taught.An example is on page 90where stuart asked the student what the first question was the first subject arthmetic lets skip it i predict that they will not ask stuart to teach agian i realate this story to the bratz because instead of what is right they choose to make bad dision so they can be friends with everyone

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Aaron wrote: "i have been reading sponge bob square pants kraby patty by steven .v. vicker today begining he was a sleep the horn went off he jump out of his bed and fell down the stairs he went to work middle h..."


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i have been reding. thebenenstainbeans.frist to day of school

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When ralph and his pesky cousins made a big mess ryan bramble take his mouse to school and ralph car is broken and ralph needed a way to get out of the school. pri that he will get out of school because we will get out school.

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I have been reading crush tastic!By BETH BEECHWOOD.miely has a crush on the hotty in school .
and he almost finds out!

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title:i survived hurricane agust 2005,their worst predictions came true.katrinas 125-mile per hour winds sent a gigantic waveof water from the gulf of mexico into the canals and lakes surronding new orleans.all of that water pushed up againts levees,and many of them failed,some crumbling like the walls of sandcattles.billons of gallons of water gushed into new orleans.nearly 1,000 people drowned in the first hours of flooding.tens thousands more were like the tuckers-caught in a nightmare.struggling to survive as water filled their homes.thousands of people were rescued from their rooftops and attics,often by volunteer like Nearly 50,000 were stranded in the superdome in agoninzing heat,without enough food or water.It took five full days for help to arrive,and another week before everyone was evacuated from the city.IN the weeks and months after katrina,many wondered if the great american city of new orleans would ever recover.There was so much damage.Tens of thousands of houses were destroyed,as well as schools,hopitals,police stations,roads,and businesses.There wasno electricity or clean water,and 80 percent of the city was covered with water filled with toxic chemicals and waste. the citys 440,000 residents were scattered all around the country.But new orleans did survive.And years later,it continues to recover-building by building,house by house,tree by tree,road by road,family by family.seventy-five percent of recidents have returned.To many visitors,the city seems as vibrants as it always was,with unforgettable music and food,beautiful buildings and gardens,and streets that bustle with energy unlike any other city in america.I compare this book to i survived the sinking of the titanic, tarshis

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future was written by author Daniel Pink. The book is a guide to understanding what skills will be necessary to be successful in our always changing and global economy. He describes that it's important for people (students) to be creative and problem solvers. Three things attribute to these necessities: abundance, Asia, and automation. []

In doing this, Daniel Pink studies the brain and how it reacts in situations. The left brain is sequential and responsible for the literal sense of things. The right brain is more creative and understanding of the figurative meaning of things. Pink gives the following example. A wife asks her husband to pick up milk from the grocery store. The husband comes home, but he forgets the milk. The wife glares at him, curls her fists, lowers her eyebrows and says, "I'm going to the store." The left part of the brain understands that the wife is going to the Tom Thumb down the road. However, the right part of the brain understands that the wife is angry and may or may not come back.

After reading this book, I believe Pink wants the readers to understand that we need to use both the right and left side of our brain to be creative problem solvers in this ever changing global economy. We need to think with "A Whole New Mind."

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A series of unfortunate events the reptile room by Lemony Snicket

In the beginning
The Baudelaire orphans are thinking about the bad stuff that happened to them (pg 2).

In the middle
The orphans are living with their Uncle Monty. which is probably a good uncle I perdict.

In the end
The orphans saw the person that they never thought they would see again Count Olaf.

This book reminds me of the Harry Potter Books by J.K Rowling because the main charcters
are orphans

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Garrett | 1 comments In this book Nate had his first detention,but he did not know why.He told us that he He was in Timber Scouts.Then he figured out that the scouts were selling fuzzies.The person who sells the most of them,gets a custom skateboard.

I think that Nate will sell a lot of fuzzies because on pg 76 he sold one fuzzy.

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Kristan | 2 comments i have been reding. thebenenstainbeans.frist to day of school thay mom said how was the frst day of school they said good and fun happen

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Kristan | 2 comments Kristan wrote: "i have been reding. thebenenstainbeans.frist to day of school thay mom said how was the frst day of school they said good and fun happen"they when out to eat,think thay wood get in troube

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