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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Add your weekly post.

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This week I read the book Found by Mary Peterson Haddix. It's a book from my favorite author and has two main characters , Chip and Jonah.
In the beginning, the book flashes back thirteen years ago when a girl named Angela was on her first day as a flight attendant. When a plane appeared out of nowhere carrying thirty-six babies!
Then in the present a boy named Jonah and his new friend Chip were playing basket ball when Jonah's told him to get the mail. In the mail there was a letter saying only six words "You are one of the missing."He was adopted , but he thought it was a prank. At dinner time, Chip was ringing Jonah doorbell rapidly, like it was urgent. Then when Jonah let him in and took him to his room, he said something surprising. He just found out he was adopted and called
one of "the missing" too! Still not very gullible Jonah thought it was a prank. That's where I left off.
I predicted that the thirty-six babies on the plane are what they call "the missing" written not as a prank because they said it was "written in fine print" . I also predict they'll go out in search of their birth parents. This book relates to Among the Hidden a book I read at the beginning of the year. Both of the boys are stubborn at believing what's pretty easy to believe.

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This week i read a short sad fiction Bryan's winter written by Gary Paulsen.The story contains a main character who has experienced horrible things.The author forshadows that 13 year-old Bryan Robeson will not be rescued before the winter comes.Bryan and the Narrator's main goal is to survive in the wilderness.So Bryan learns to hunt and he becomes very crafty.Through a series of events Bryan starts hearing what sounds like gun shots.He goes to investigate and finds people living in a small hut.Although the book never mentioned that Bryan is surviving in the woods.You can tell he is by looking at page 85.Where it says"A good-no,he thought his brain closing down,agreat day ameat day,a moose day.This book reminds me of Hachet written by Gary Paulsen.Both stories are tales of creativity and survival.

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This week i read Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick Rules by jeff kinney.It is about (Greg,Rodrick)trying to get along with each other but,they are only doing it for(Mom bucks).Now mom bucks are these play money that are worth a penny of real money,so for starters they got 1,000 mom bucks.They;re family went too a family vacation but,they left Greg and Rodrick.They;re trusting them to stay alone but without inviding PEOPLE.This book reminds me of ramona and beezus cause they both fight but they know they still love each other

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I read a book named The dog with golden eyes, written by France Wilbur. This book has 2 main characters :Cassie ,and Tokie. The author foreshadows Cssie's life by writing why he moved. On a morning Cassie was eating a snack when a white fur dog showed up by a liquidamber tree ,and she gave him a sugar cookie. When she got out of school she bought a chocolate ice cream ,and some dog food. On a evening she got a job and started working on the garden ,but the ground was so hard. When she got home Tokie and Cassie went for a walk up the hills.
The book never mention if they had work on the garden, but infer they hadn't when reading the ground was hard as cement. In paragraph 3 in page 62. This book reminds me of Werwolf of fever swamp. The 2 stories have a kid that wants to keep an animal ,but they can't.

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Taylar | 1 comments This week i've been reading a book called baby bears big dreams written by jane yolen illustrated by melissa sweet about a bear dreams when he haves got older and he acts like his parents house is his house and he invites all his friends over and they play with his toys.They stay up all night and play and they leave there mess anad go to sleep. i can connect this book to goldy locks and three bears because there are bear charters and human charters when i first sawthe book i thought it was about a bear dreaming every night but i was wrong the book is about him being a adult.

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Ive been reading the childrens novel sidekicks by dan santat in this novel well basicly what ive read so far this super hero wasfighting for the town but hes alergic to penuts and the enemy struck him with penuts and ow hes on vacation but he has 2 secreat super hero pets and he decides to get a new pet so they other 2 dont get lonely and the 2 pets dont like the new pet at first what will happen next will they approve of this new salamander?

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future was written by author Daniel Pink. The book is a guide to understanding what skills will be necessary to be successful in our always changing and global economy. He describes that it's important for people (students) to be creative and problem solvers. Three things attribute to these necessities: abundance, Asia, and automation. []

In doing this, Daniel Pink studies the brain and how it reacts in situations. The left brain is sequential and responsible for the literal sense of things. The right brain is more creative and understanding of the figurative meaning of things. Pink gives the following example. A wife asks her husband to pick up milk from the grocery store. The husband comes home, but he forgets the milk. The wife glares at him, curls her fists, lowers her eyebrows and says, "I'm going to the store." The left part of the brain understands that the wife is going to the Tom Thumb down the road. However, the right part of the brain understands that the wife is angry and may or may not come back.

After reading this book, I believe Pink wants the readers to understand that we need to use both the right and left side of our brain to be creative problem solvers in this ever changing global economy. We need to think with "A Whole New Mind."

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