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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Post your weekly comments.

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Coby | 1 comments I've been reading the book Demonkeeper by Buckingham.
A boy named Nat has to save a boy named Richie from a terrofing beast befor he gets eaten.In the Middle of the book Nat cought Richie and told him to stay low mean while a evil thin man was at Nat's chute killing all of his demons with his demon charr a fire ball killed a lamp demon page163-164 i pedict charr will burn the house down.i infer charr is the badest of the bad.End now the beast is on trail fearios because a cat flicks him of and he got hit by a bus mad and hungy

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Jordan | 1 comments this week I have been reading a book called SHILOH.SHIOH is about a dog who gets lost and the little boy find's the dog and hides it from its parents.

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Johnathan Isaac (goodreadscomGreenLantern) | 1 comments I read a book called The man who tricked the ghost by Laurence Yep. This book was about a brave man name Sung who was not scared of anything. He slept in a huanted house and ate in a graveyard. I liked this book but I am scared of somethings.I predect that he is going to think that he is a ghost.

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Morgan | 2 comments This week I read a chapter book called "Junie B. Jones Is A Beauty Shop Guy" by "Barbra Parks" and illustrated by "Denise Burnkus". The main characters are "Junie B.,Junie B.'s Dad,and the hair stylist named Maxine.
In the beginning Junie B.'s Dad takes Junie B. to a hair stylist who's name is Maxine, 'cause Junie B.'s Dad is getting a hair cut.
when they got home Junie B. acted like she was going to take a nap.Junie B told her mom "I need a nap I'm tired" and Junie B.'s mom said "okay".Junie B. wasn't really going to sleep she was going to cut hair first she cut her house shoes fur,then her dogs fur, then her hair she got in trouble.(chapter3-5)
After school Junie B. Dad found out that she cut her hair(her dad did not know until after school)he was dissapionted that she cut her hair.So he took her to maxine, and she did her hair Junie B said it looked perfect.This book reminds me of when i got my hair cut.

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future was written by author Daniel Pink. The book is a guide to understanding what skills will be necessary to be successful in our always changing and global economy. He describes that it's important for people (students) to be creative and problem solvers. Three things attribute to these necessities: abundance, Asia, and automation. []

In doing this, Daniel Pink studies the brain and how it reacts in situations. The left brain is sequential and responsible for the literal sense of things. The right brain is more creative and understanding of the figurative meaning of things. Pink gives the following example. A wife asks her husband to pick up milk from the grocery store. The husband comes home, but he forgets the milk. The wife glares at him, curls her fists, lowers her eyebrows and says, "I'm going to the store." The left part of the brain understands that the wife is going to the Tom Thumb down the road. However, the right part of the brain understands that the wife is angry and may or may not come back.

After reading this book, I believe Pink wants the readers to understand that we need to use both the right and left side of our brain to be creative problem solvers in this ever changing global economy. We need to think with "A Whole New Mind."

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Santa claus | 1 comments i have been reading polar express

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