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Character Education
Shellie Foltz Shellie Oct 28, 2011 06:55AM
I am getting ready to host a book discussion group for high school students centered on Character Education. Would those of you who have read this book please post some character-centered questions / topics related to this title? Thanks!

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Have you read this book, Shellie? There are definitely points in the book that could be great for discussion. But ... if you haven't
read the book, are you aware that ...

*One of the character's parents tried to kill him ...

*It includes a sex scene ...

*One of the character's turned people into werewolves against their will ...

Now, obviously, all of these points could lead to some amazing discussion/debate. However, if you were unaware of them, I wanted you to be filled in.

Shellie Foltz Thanks, Shannon. I have read it. You're right, there is a lot of potential for discussion/debate! This title, along with the others currently on our g ...more
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I think there could be quite a lively discussion about how Grace set limits on her life, eating sensibly and doing her homework for example, even though her parents play almost no role in her life and seem to set few boundaries.
It makes her seem more mature and as a result her relationship with Sam is more believable as true love rather than teenage rebellion.

Shellie Foltz Thanks, Esther!
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