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Character Education
Shellie Foltz Shellie Oct 28, 2011 06:53AM
I am getting ready to host a book discussion group for high school students centered on Character Education. Would those of you who have read this book please post some character-centered questions / topics related to this title? Thanks!

The bookmoblie driver, I think his name was Paul, risks a lot to save the main character. Would you have put yourself in danger to help someone else? There could be other good questions around him as well.

What was the hardest thing for the girl?? What would have you done in her shoes??

In the book, the main character (Kira I think?) thought that what her community worshiped, believed in, did was 'okay'. Then, later, she escaped and lived under new standards, circumstances. I assumed she eventually adapted to that lifestyle, as well.

How do you identify the "norm"? The status quo? What is normal?

Have you ever been part of a group that condoned behaviors that felt wrong to you? Did you speak up? How did you feel, afterward?

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