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Cool People ONLY!!!! THAT MEANS YOU!!!

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message 1: by Paige (last edited Nov 02, 2008 06:49AM) (new)

Paige Miller This group is for cool people only, so deal with it!!!! No names about people who are excluded.... UNCOOL PEOPLE!!!!

message 2: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) omg, i hav always hated how people r obsessed with exclusion. like, at school, they r always like "dont exclude children" and in real life u friggin HAVE to exclude so that the people dont friggin drive u insane! SO YEAH LOVERS, DONT U FIND IT INTERESTING THAT LIKE NONE OF U R LEFT!??? HUH??? SO KATIE, GET OVER IT! GET A LIFE! GO JOIN SOME MILEY LOVERS GROUP AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR LIVES!

*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 4 comments she is a total whore

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments why mp?

she was the only one other than me who spoke out against miley for a while

but whatever...

but i think im cool so im going to comment.

message 5: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller She kept agreeing with Katie, so i assumed she didn't like us... whoops!!!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Um, no, I'm a total HM hater....

message 7: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments it's okay (^^)

yeah the only reason was because katie and mp aren't TOTAL opposite
(and katie keeps trying to change the topic too)

message 8: by Sheeky (new)

Sheeky (sheekster) MILEY DATING A 20 YEAR OLD!

message 9: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments how old's miley?

message 10: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) no, actually, i dont really dont think that miley is dating a 20 year old. she wouldnt be able to get a 20 year old if she tried!! ew, i frigging HATE ashley tisdales nose job, it looks awful, i liked her face a LOT more before. not that i like her, but i am just commenting on her nose.........

message 11: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) oh and mileys 16.

message 12: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller miley is NOT dating a 20 year old. get a life people. I get what you mean, emma, you can totally tell it's fake.

message 13: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller Kay i fixed the topic... sorry about that mp

message 14: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments yeah i know!

i was like, even my nose could get in if ashley's can!

message 15: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller hahahahahaha. Good one.

message 16: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments but she fits the sharpay role
actually, every female disney star should do a 'sharpay' kind of role

because i think that's what they pretty much are

message 17: by Karina (new)

Karina Magana LOL

message 18: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) ok, heard on news that she in fact IS dating a 20 year old. i feel really bad for the person shes dating.

message 19: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments well if she is,

message 20: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller Diana girl, that comment about Sharpay had me rolling on the floor trying not to crack a rib from laughing. Nice one! What do you mean ur not good at comebacks? Plus Katie said the guys name in the other column but i forgot it....

wow a message w/ no swearing... thats a 1st.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

I told you guys on another topic that I dressed as hannah montana on halloween. At school, one girl accused hannah montana of stealing her crack and while trick or treating, my friends tried to get me to walk in a straight line. I wasn't quite able to...

message 22: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! UR HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

(rolling on the floor trying not 2 crack a rib from laughing)

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

it was really funny.
I have NO friends who like hannah montana.
One of my friends and I started doing the lame moves to nobody's perfect... shaking our hips.
i pulled my glasses down onto my nose, so the sunglasses were plugging my nose. Then when I sang, I sounded just like hannah montana!

message 24: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller dude im gonna die from laughing... u know i used too think you were a stupid lover who was like BFFS forever w/ Katie, but now i think ur pretty cool! Sorry that was just what i used to think.

Nobodys perfect is my least fav song. DRIVE ME CRAZY would be a better name for that!

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

I've been arguing with katie since the minute I joined this group, though I'm guessing you didn't read many of the other posts... when I was calling her a... well, let's not mention it. =]

message 26: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller Yeah i made that assumption after reading the hannah is a whore one but I changed my mind ages a go i just haven't said anything

message 27: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments yes mp was arguing and i made my awesome THIS IS A HATE CLUB!
topic, but no matter how true that was, lovers just couldn't take it in

then it was kinda just mp and me who hadn't given up yet who were super active at least

message 28: by Caroline (new)

Caroline | 732 comments thats actually mean to exclude people, emma. im not trying to be all goody-good or whatever, but how would u feel if someone excluded u. and shes dating a 20 year old but who cares? i mean like u seriously cant hold that against her. my grandma was 20 when she married my grandpa who was 40. so i dont think its bad to date someone older than u.

message 29: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments hey this is only for cool people caroline

or hater people

and if you hate excluding so much just go to every god damn fucking school in the us and destroy all the cliques please?

i mean it would be nice for once

and i don't care about being excluded, just be happy if someone includes you at all

message 30: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller dude get out of my topic. NO LOVERS ALLOWED!!!! WHAT DON'T YOU PEOPLE GET ABOUT THAT???????????

*temper tantrum*

message 31: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments they never get it

this is the 3rd topic they've gone in after being told this is a hater topic

like i said, THEY CAN'T READ!

message 32: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller well yeah. Maybe they're all blond... jk i can't really say that cuz I'm blond and I'm a total braniac......

message 33: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments either way we're not reaching them

message 34: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) people have excluded me before caroline, and I DONT GIVE A DAMN!! if people dont want to be around me, then i will leave and find something to do with people that actually want to habg out with me.

message 35: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments yeah i know

don't sulk about it

be optimistic that someone lets you in!

message 36: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller caroline needs to jump off an effing cliff. literally.

I can hear the comments now....

"Oh my gosh you are so mean!!! Hate's a really strong word and i don't swear cuz i'm like a perfect angel...."

message 37: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments yeah i hate people like that

suck ups

message 38: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller ugh!!! It drives me bonkers. Oh my god I sound like my dad........AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

*panic attack*

message 39: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments haha

it's been a while since i heard that word (bonkers)

i used to call a weird 5th grader that when i was in 1st grade

message 40: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller why? Do i want to know?

message 41: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments that word just brought back memories...

message 42: by Paige (new)

Paige Miller that's nice

message 43: by Caroline (new)

Caroline | 732 comments it doesnt say haters only, it says cool people only, and everyone here can join. im not sayign im cool, but does that mean ur saying ur cool. im not a "little angel" like u said. i just dont swear cuz im younger. ill probably swear when i get older.

message 44: by Caroline (new)

Caroline | 732 comments for the last time, when u say we cant read, it doesnt piss us off! so u can keep saying it, but we wont get annoyed.

message 45: by Diana (new)

Diana  (higura_natume) | 1043 comments well then, since paige made the group, it's obviously her opinion of cool

which also obviously means it's PROBABLY not you (not meaning to be offensive, just saying the truth)

message 46: by Caroline (new)

Caroline | 732 comments u shouldnt be here if u say we shouldnt be here so be quiet!

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