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Cirque du Freak

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message 1: by Christine (new)

Christine Cirque du Freak Fans,

Here are some questions to get discussion going, but feel free to post your own thoughts and questions.

1) Which is your favorite Cirque du Freak book? Which is your least favorite? Why?

2) What is the scariest scene you remember? Where were you when you were reading it?

3)What do you think of Darren? Is he a believable character?

4) What are your thoughts about vampires after reading these books? Do you intend to read more vampire books?

5) According to, the Cirque du Freak movie is coming out in 2009. Darren Shan is being played by an actor named Chris Massoglia, who for the most part is unknown. Do you think an unknown actor is best for the part, or can you think of someone famous who you think would be great in the role?

message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Olson (msolson) I read the first Cirque Du Freak book and I enjoyed it. It was a quick read, and it was interesting, but I don't think I will be reading the other books in the series! One was enough for me!

message 3: by Christine (new)

Christine I have to admit I haven't read Cirque yet. >blush< As THE LIBRARIAN it's hard to admit I haven't read such a popular book yet! But I will at some point. I am interested to see what makes them so popular. From learning enough about it to put together the trivia quiz this week, I get the sense that the series gets pretty complicated, in a way that keeps you wanting to find out what happens next.

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