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Song to Wake to (Levels, # 1)
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J.D. Field (jdfield) | 15 comments Song to Wake to begins in classic YA PNR style. A 16 year old girl and her mother move to a small town in the West of England (the town, Glastonbury is a real place, now site of the BIGGEST music festival in the world, and the real life location of ‘Avalon’ of myth and legend).
Madeleine is smart and quirky, constantly changing her idea of what kind of person she is. One aspect she can’t avoid though is her jock status. Her swimming ability has won her a scholarship to Levels College, a massive, elite boarding school full of rich jocks and Eurotrash.
Her aim at her new school is to stay under the radar. This proves impossible, though, when she finds herself drawn to Eddy Moon. Eddy is a seventeen-year-old built like a six-foot-six trainee wrestler, with holes in his shoes and a horrible haircut. How did he end up at Levels?
Madeleine begins by trying to find out the awkward athletes secrets, moves on to taking advantage of his shyness and ends up defending him from the Levels snobs.
And that gets her to page 20… There are also dangerous farm dogs, her Mums mysterious secret, a gang of gorgeous rich boys called ‘The Four Horsemen’ a pair of antique swords, a cave under a hill holding a gong, a thousand year old witch, a shopping trip to the beautiful Roman town of Bath, some horrible swimsuits, a legendary little black dress, an amazing school party with international DJs, a day-old baby with razor sharp teeth, and a gigantic, heroic horse called Boxer.

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Is the book in paperback and if so can I still receive a copy and review it?

J.D. Field (jdfield) | 15 comments I'm reeeally sorry, I haven't set it up in paperback yet. It's so difficult to do cheaply... :(

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Courtney Wyant | 7 comments HI J.D., I was wondering if I could receive a copy to review in preferably.epub extention but PDF will work to. Here is my blog link:

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Becket Morgan (becketmorgan) | 7 comments If you're still looking for reviewers, I'm interested. Check out my blog at for details.

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