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message 1: by Jessica, Summer Lovin' Out in the Bush (new)

Jessica | 164 comments Mod

ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Name: 14
Age: 678
Gender: female
Type: demon
Apperance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/an...
Personality: evil,bloodthursty,jokester,loves to party
Family: dead
Crush: open

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) | 87 comments Name: Damon
Age: 540
Gender: Male
Looks: [image error]
Personality: Damon is a very closed off and quiet being, though he does frequently make snide or sarcastic remarks most of the time. He has this 'signature smirk' of his he displays when he is being cocky, or stating something teasingly.
Damon does however, have a bit of a reputation as a womanizer. Personality wise, Damon is described to be sinister, dangerous, generally unkind, care-free and unsympathetic. Some of Damon's other basic personality traits include sadistic and impulsive. Damon is a seductively charming and a very dark, compelling character.
Over the many centuries that he has lived on Earth, Damon uses whatever and whoever he can to get what he wants; not caring about who he hurts in the process. Because of his highly vain personality, Damon often resorts to either the use of manipulation, threats, or direct coercion or force in order to get his own way. However, when Damon does not get his way, he resorts to extreme reactions of anger, envy/jealousy, vengefulness and intimidation. He generally acts flippant, arrogant, and constantly plays word games, especially when it comes to dancing around an issue, and even more especially when that issue involves his real, true feelings or his intentions on or about a serious subject.
Yes, Damon does like anyone and everyone else, have true feelings although they are always hidden, and kept locked away. His personality has resulted like this because Damon has gone through so much in his life, especially when he was human. He was betrayed by the 2 people he loved the most - his own brother and the woman he used to love.
Crush/Mate: For Damon there’s no such thing as "the right one" or "the love of your life", there’s nothing more than physical attraction and tolerance at the very most. He claims that he had never been in love and isn’t planning on doing so... Yet.
Other: He is a demon.

message 4: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 5 comments Name: *Top secret*
Age: *Unknown*
Gender: Male
Type: Hybrid.((fallen and regular angel))
Apperance: http://s452.photobucket.com/albums/qq...
Personality: He's a queit person, He is very easy to angery.
Family: He doesn't have a family.
History:All he knows is he woke up in a lab and people tested on him.He was lucky enough to break out of the lab. He has been on the run since.
Crush: He isn't attracted to anyone.
Other: He has four wings. He carries four swords.

Raven Prowl (Silverfang)   (whitefang) | 87 comments Awesumness. :3

message 6: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 5 comments thanks

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