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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. early 90's book about statues that oome to life

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message 1: by Gini (new)

Gini (camp80) | 59 comments A story about a girl who is a loner, she befriends a boy and he they stumble onto a place filled with statues, they may come to life, I'm not sure. They may have been real people at one time again not sure. She either lives with her aunt or her dad or mom, single parent situation. She spends maybe three or four pages with them but most of the time she is with the statues.

This book is not "The Stonewalkers" nor is it "In the Court of Stone children". TIA for all the help!

message 2: by Abby (new)

Abby | 214 comments This sounded familiar to "The Magician's Nephew," part of the Chronicles of Narnia series. Maybe that's what you're thinking of? Diggory and Polly travel with the use of magical rings and eventually stumble onto a room filled with castles. Here's part of a summary from wikipedia:

"Inside the ruined palace, they discover statuesque figures of Charn's former kings and queens, which degenerate from the fair and wise to the cowardly and cruel. They find a bell with a hammer, with these words:

Make your choice, adventurous Stranger
Strike the bell and bide the danger
Or wonder, till it drives you mad
What would have followed if you had

Despite protests from Polly, Digory rings the bell. This awakens the last of the statues, a witch named Jadis, who, to avoid defeat in battle, had deliberately killed every living thing in Charn by speaking a "Deplorable Word." As the only survivor left in her world, she placed herself in an enchanted sleep that would only be broken by someone ringing the bell."


message 3: by Erika (new)

Erika (escilas) | 43 comments Maybe one of the books of the Stoneheart trilogy? Stoneheart

message 4: by Gini (new)

Gini (camp80) | 59 comments Thank you both for your answers but no it's not either of those, but I think I will order these they look good!This book was very modern for the time.

message 5: by Danielle (last edited Oct 29, 2011 07:38PM) (new)

Danielle | 152 comments Possibly The Enchanted Castle? The statues in the castle gardens would come to life but this isn't found out until half-way through the book.

message 6: by Emily (new)

Emily | 136 comments Is Stoneflight a possibility?

message 7: by EnglishMajor (last edited Oct 31, 2011 05:05AM) (new)

EnglishMajor | 1 comments Stonestruck I remember reading it when I began high school. It might be it. In fact, I have a very good feeling that it is.

message 8: by Gini (new)

Gini (camp80) | 59 comments Sorry it's not Stoneflight or Stonestruck. It's set in modern times. But thanks for trying!

message 9: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessdaygeorge) | 155 comments Is it Turn to Stone by Philip Gross?


It's about some runaways who start making money by working as "living statutes" in parks, then discover a sinister element in the city that is turning the best performers into real statues.

message 10: by Gini (new)

Gini (camp80) | 59 comments No it's not turn to stone but thanks for trying.

message 11: by Erikau (new)

Erikau | 1 comments Is it The Stonewalkers by Vivien Alcock?
The Stonewalkers

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Lobstergirl | 37562 comments Mod
Gini, are you still looking for this book?

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Lobstergirl | 37562 comments Mod
No response, moving to Abandoned.

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