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message 1: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) *Start*

message 2: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) Let's jsut RP the flumes here, okay? I'll post a trip soon so you can know what it's like.

message 3: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) OK

message 4: by Cat (last edited Oct 31, 2011 08:34PM) (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) (Lets start!)

message 5: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) Alwin flew thoruhg the flume. The pleasent music had become but a background music for him. The rocky edges were just... tjere. While others stared at the stars outside, Alwin was in deep thought.

message 6: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) the music Angela heard was beutiful

message 7: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) Alwin nodded to himself. Good plan. The music began to quicken.

message 8: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) She heard he music get faster and faster.Her head started to spin. She shook her head to get rid of her dizziness.

message 9: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) Alwin screamed in happiness as he landed in the snow.
*Move to Denduron*

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