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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Decorate as you wish

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments (Thank you!)

It's rather small, actually, and incredibly dusty. The windows haven't been cleaned in ages and a few of them are covered in a thick grime. A small kitchen consisting of a stove and a sink but no refrigerator. Chimes are hung around the ceilings randomly, and if you were any taller than Cass you would constantly bump into them and they would echo throughout the flat. Don't try to take a bath. The tub hasn't been cleaned in ages. And don't try to eat on the table. Little bugs have found a home there. In fact, it's a wonder that a living, breathing human can live here at all.

There is one bedroom all the way to the back of a narrow hallway. It is the only clean room in the house and constantly kept locked.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) (Eww Mello!!)

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((Our condo is done!! Can I decorate??))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments Kay wrote: "(Eww Mello!!)"

Bahahaha! Whaaat?

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments Kay wrote: "((Our condo is done!! Can I decorate??))"


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((lol, nice... XD))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((Thank you, thank you *bows* XD))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((YES AND YES YES YES. WE ARE CONNECTED BY SOULS. Or, okay, by fandoms. BUT YES.))

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((lol! YAOI IS SOOOO FUCKING SEXY! You read or seen Ouran High School Host Club???))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((I've read the first few or so chapters of Ouran High School Host Club manga, I didn't get into it as much as I should have, but from what I've read I'll have to go back for more soon.))

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((I LOVE THE TWINSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about Durarara? Have you seen that?))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((Yes they are SOO cute!! I haven't seen Durarara but it looks really really cool and I want to!)

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((I watched it at a mate's place and it is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about ONe Piece? ))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((Anything with cute bikers, you can count me in!! I'm not into One Piece but more of Naruto, I know almost everything about Naruto, and especially Death Note, which I know literally everything about!!))

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((DEATH NOTE! ILY DEATH NOTE! I used to watch the Naruto Anime but then they took it off tv...))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((DEATH NOTE IS AWESOMENESS IN PURE CONCENTRATE FROM THE JAR! Sorry, sorry, I just get really emotional about my beloved, check out my profile pick up close and that should be a hint XD! Naruto was good, but the direction they've taken it in now bothers me, they've made it confusing.))

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((lol, kay. I haven't read that much of Death Note...))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((Well, that's okay, it'll make up for me not knowing that much about Ouran High School Host Club :D))

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((lol, xD What 'bout Vampire Knight? I'm sooo fangirl over Zero... XD Kaname is an ugly mean dick that deserves to DIE!))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((I also have gotten recommendations for Vampire Knight but haven't gotten the chance yet...THERE NEEDS TO BE ONE MANGA WE BOTH LIKE AND FANGIRL OVER! JEESH, UNIVERSE!))

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((XD Uh....... Tenjou Tenge? ))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((Gahhhhh, nope :( D Gray Man? Tokaido Hisame? Liberty Liberty? Black Butler? FWAAAHHHHHH!))

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((I've never read it or seen it but, I've seen youtube clips of Black Butler... and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mneymosyne. I don't know how to spell it. It's really really weird....))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((That's right, the author is a master of leaving her readers with the "Did that really just happen?" face, lol!! Not seen that anime, either. There has to be one, just one, it's the laws of the universe I say!))

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((I've just started reading Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) and I am already fangirling over the butler... ALREADY!))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((He's just so perfect it's almost supernatural!, it is. Bahahaha.))

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((ILY CIEL TOO!!!!! ))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((That eyepatch! I love eyepatches!))

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((xD lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((XD okay maybe I'm fangirling a bit here lol))

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((WOOT! YES! (btw, if you're going to be online for a while do you want to rp? I'm on a caffeine high and couldn't go to sleep if I wanted to.)))

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((lol, sure. XD))

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((I'm making another charrie now. XD That'll be .... 7 CHarries. XD)0

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments ((Cool! SEVEN CHARACTERS. THAT IS WIN!))

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Alice knocks on Cass' door. Hoping like all hell he was home.

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments Cass, who knew he needed to clean up his flat (or, more like pit) and really, really didn't want to nearly cried out in joy at the distraction. He rushed to the door and almost flung it open. "Alice? Oh. Hi."

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"Haiii... what's happening?" She asks walking into his house.

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments He closes the door behind her. "Nothing new, really. Convincing the landlady not to kick me out. Trying not to get killed. Forcing myself to clean up. The usual. What about you?"

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She laughs,"Hunting Cannibals... I'm part of the revolt..."

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments He chews on his lip momentarily and looks away from her. "I don't understand why you keep going around with those could get hurt. Why don't you just try to say out of trouble, like me?"

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"Because I actually want this hell to stop. I want everyone to stop being hunted, I want my children to grow up without being scared." Her silver wings flare wide as she speaks, passion surging through her. She pulls his face back to hers. "And I won't get hurt. I'm a freaking awesome fighter..."

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments Cass glances out of one of the grimy windows. "And, let me guess, you think killing two, maybe three Cannibals is going to end this?" He lowers his voice to a harsh tone as his face darkens. "Don't be naive. That over confidence will be the death of you. You'll die. That's all you'll accomplish."

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She raises her chin hurt, "You think what you want, but I'm not completely human remember... and I don't just kill two or three... I kill about ten a day."

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments His face softens. "That's..." He sucks in a deep breath and forces himself to look at her. "That's not enough to get it to stop. I'm sorry, but I worry about you. Is that a crime? I mean, I'm not like you. I have to sit up in this dingy place all day, I have to lock myself away because I can't be out there, I'm completely human and I'm...not like you. I'm...not. So I can't know if you'll ever come back. One day you could just...not come back. And I'd never, ever forgive myself for just watching you go and not...not doing anything. Not saying anything. I don't think anybody can win this war, Alice. And if nobody can win what's the point of getting involved?"

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Tears are making her eyes shimmer at his words ,"But.... It's better to try... it's better to die trying than to die cowering in a corner..."

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John Egbert (heirofbreath) | 116 comments He takes a step back. "C-cowering in a corner? I'm not cowering! I'm just being safe and - you don't understand. You've spent so much time out there you don't know what it's like when you're not constantly on the battlefield. When you don't want to be on the battlefield...that's not a bad thing."

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