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Phineas walked in with Gabby

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She smiles "Thanks for helping me with my dress." She whispers to Phineas

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"You look gorgeous might I add? I'll have to watch over you carefully, make sure you aren't stolen..." He gave her a wink, and straightened his bow tie. He secretly scanned the room for Erik.

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She laughs "Thanks." She smiles at the other couples

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Phin looked at them too. "Do you know anyone else going? Is Cole?"

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"I dont see him." She turns to him and smiles, taking his hand

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He smiled, slightly relieved that she wasn't cheating on him, but then he remembered his actions, and shuttered. He stepped forward, a little bit away from people.

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She scans the crowd agaiin

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"Gabby..." It was hurting him just to think about telling her. "What exactly do you ant to do?"

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She looked over at him and shruged "Dance?"

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"Show me how." He said honestly.

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"You dont know how to dance?" She smiles and pulls him towards the dance floor.

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"Nope! Not at all!" He said, bashfully. "What do i do exactly?"

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She laughs "Well, im not very good at it." She moves her hands "You just kind of...go with the flow i guesse."

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"Flow...Ill try..." He did try, looking at other people ans copying what they were doing. He was actually pretty good. He sighe though, then flipped his hair and laughed. "I look stupid dont i?"

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She laughs "No, you look great." She looks at him "You're actually pretty good at this."

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"Thanks!" He said like a five year old.

((JESI!!!! Ahahaha!!!!!))

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She laughs and leans her head on him

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((How should he bring it up?))

He stroked her hair and kissed her on the top of her head

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(idk....this is gonna be so is Jesi online?)

She closed her eye sas a slow song came on

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((I thought she was...idk))

He wanted to tell her now, so he wouldnt waste her evening. "I think i should tell you something, Gabby."

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She looks up at him "What?"

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((She isnt...awwww...i dunno if we should wait or not.))

Phin held his breath. ""

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She laughs "Slow down."

(it doesnt matter that much if she's on)

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"I...I think i like someone else!" He said, rather quickly. "And i hope you know it not your fault...Its...Its only mine!"

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"That's not what you were going to say, was it?" She leans back from him. "Just tell me."

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"But it is the truth! Im seeing someone else...and i feel horribly guilty...horrible...Im sorry!" He tried to look away from her. "But, i just...I love...I love..." He couldnt say the rest.

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She backs away from him "What?" She looks at him "You love who?"

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He tried to pull her back. "I love...I love him..." The words burned his throat, and he couldnt say anything more for the moment.

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She jekred her arm away "HIM?"

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"Yes, him. Erik. That guy. Im sorry." He felt his eyes water, but he willed himself not to cry.

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She backs away shaking her head "I..for you.."

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He opene his hirt slightly, feeling hot all of a sudden. "I...I used you yes. I kissed you on purpose, for my own selfish gain. And i wouldve kept going along with it too if i hadnt met him..." He said him like he adored him, and he did. "And i realized i couldnt do that to you. sorry. I really am. But, im gay and...I didnt want to acceot that when i asked you out."

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(i suck at drama lol)

She shakes her head. She walks forward and bit and slaps him across the face. She spins in her heel and runs off the dance floor

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"Gabby!!!" He recoiled from the slap and ran after her. "Hear me out! Let me explain!"

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She turned around again "EXPLAIN WHAT?"

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"Explain how i feel...why i did it! I want you to understand me!" he was sobbing now

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"Stop crying.If any should be crying it should be me. You fool." She looks over at ihm

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"I didnt MEAN to hurt you! I fell in love, okay? Real love! I felt comfortable around him! I wasnt afraid to kiss him...or touch him...or have him touch me! I love him, and i was hoping youd understand that its hard to know what you want! What you desire! And I know now that I LIKE GUYS!!!"

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"I felt bad for you." She shakes her ead, not letting the tears come. "I was your friend, i helped you. And what do you do? You used me!" She walks away murmuring "Have fun with your boyfriend."

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"Please...Gabby...I love you. I love you like a friend! Youre the besr friend ive ever had! Please, im begging! Tell me everything is going to be okay! Tell me you still like me! Tell me im not evil!" His worst fears were confirmed. Everything he didnt want to happen did.

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She ignores him and shoves the gym doors open running out into the night.

(g2g bye :P)

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((Byeeee!!!! Awww, i feel so bad!!!))

Phin stood there, as everything faded into the background, noise, people, lights. He shouldve been happy. He had Erik allcto himself now with no limitations. But he wasnt. He felt like a bastard. He exited the building, in search of a good garbage can to rest in.

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(lol dont, i feel bad i suck so much at drama sorry. ;P)

She ran to her dorm, not letting the tears come yet

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((Poor Gabby! You dont suck! That was awesome!))

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(lol thnx ;P)

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Cole And Gabby arrived at the prom.

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She smiles, trying to forget the last time she was here.

Trevor_MAKE KONY FAMOUS_ (thecorley) | 355 comments Mod
Are you ok.

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