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((So, yea! :D))

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Cielo (cielo19) ((yea! :D))

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((SO! Topic?))

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Cielo (cielo19) ((Hm. . .it doesn't really matter to me.))

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((Wanna do another fantasy?))

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Cielo (cielo19) ((Sure.))

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Rank(if one):

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Name: Sam
Age: 17

Personality: Shy, quiet, reserved, but very nice and clever. Likes to be around people, but is awkward in social situations.
Species: Seer
Rank(if one): None
Other: TBA(When I think of it)

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Cielo (cielo19) Name: Aaron
Age: 17
Looks: (I have to find a picture)
Personality: Daring but closed off
Species: Fallen angel
Rank(if one): Was a Guardian angel

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Cielo (cielo19) ((Awesome))

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((So, do you wanna start now, or wait till you find a picture??))

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Cielo (cielo19) ((We can start. I can find the picture later when I've got more time. I'm trying to do homework in between posts.))

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((Oooo, I see. haha))

Sam wandered down a street, trying to find the corner of Richmond Drive and Forest Lane. Something was going to happen there, she could feel it...

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron fell from the sky, cursing.

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Sam jumped back, putting her hands over her mouth so as not to scream. "Oh my god," She muttered, shocked.

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron groaned, and stood, wishing they'd at least let him keep his shirt before they cast him down from heaven.

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Sam stood staring at the shirtless guy that had fallen from the sky. Well, this was certainly something.
"How are you okay?" She asked, biting her lip nervously.

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron glanced over at her. "Let's just say it's complicated."

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"Um... but you... Fell... Okay." She said, not really accepting it, but not knowing what to say or how to phrase it.

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron rolled his shoulders. When he tried to stretch his back, however, he winced in pain.

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"Do you need help?" She asked, obviously worried and confused.

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Cielo (cielo19) "No." Aaron said, turning his back away from her view to hide the long scars where his wings once were.

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Sam nodded, standing there awkwardly, which was normal for her. Her fingers fiddled with the frayed edge of her hoodie sleeves. She moved her hair out of her face as the stared at her feet.

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Cielo (cielo19) "So, what's your name?" Aaron asked.

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"Sam." She replied quietly. "You?"

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Cielo (cielo19) "Aaron." he siad.

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"That's a nice name," She gave a small smile, trying her best to seem polite.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Right." Aaron scoffed. "Because everyone knows that the name that God-" he stopped abruptly. "Never mind."

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She frowned a tiny bit. "Right, sorry... Um..." She paused, not sure how to react to that little outburst. Should she leave him? She was so curious...

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Cielo (cielo19) "Do you happen to know where I'd be able to find a shirt?" Aaron asked.

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Sam looked around. They were in the middle of a residential neighborhood. She looked down at her own baggy hoodie. She took it off and handed it to him. "Here. That could probably fit you... The nearest store is like a ten minute walk..."

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron shook his head. "Oh no. I can't take your jacket. A ten mile walk sounds good right now, just point me in the right direction."

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She pointed ahead of her. "That way..."

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron nodded. "Thanks." he said, and he walked backwards in the direction she pointed to hide view of his back.

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"Why are you walking backwards?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. She needed to go that direction to get to the book store, but she didn't say so.

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron shrugged as nonchalantly as he could. "Because I can."

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She just stood there. He obviously didn't like her that much, and going in the same direction as him woul make her look creepy.

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron's calmness was cracking. He'd just fallen from the sky - literally - he was hated by God, he didn't have a shirt, and his back hurt. It was all he could do to stay seemingly sane.

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"Uh, I guess, I'll just... go?" She blushed and turned around, walking back the way she came from.

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Cielo (cielo19) As soon as her back was turned, Aaron turned and ran.

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She looked back and saw him running. She sighed and stared ahead. "Right. Good job." She grumbled, rubbing her forehead in disappointment. She started for the local park because being there always cleared her mind and put her at rest.

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Cielo (cielo19) Once he found the store, Aaron was able to by a shirt from several pickpocket attempts. It was a skill he'd had before he'd died, and it didn't fail him.

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Sam sat on a swing in the deserted park, slowly swinging and staring ahead, into space.

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Cielo (cielo19) Once he had a shirt, Aaron started walking around, looking for a park. He knew from past experience that park trees were a good place to sleep.

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Sam saw the guy from earlier, and immediately looked down, hiding her face.

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Cielo (cielo19) Aaron saw someone. Something that had always separated him from the other angels was that he liked human interaction. So, he sat next to her and said, "Hey."

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Sam looked over at him. "Hi," She mumbled.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Why are you sitting here, in the dark, all alone?" he asked.

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"It clears my head," She said, softly. "Why are you here?"

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