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Really really big, a mansion. Often holds Silver Hawk meetings here. Bedroom is awesome! Huge, and the bed is soooo soft... There are also some *coughs* toys... *coughs* around...

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((I just laughed so effing hard..))

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Ebony followed Antony to his house. Pausing at the front door, "Woah. It's fucking huge!!" she said in awe.

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"Yeah, it can serve to be a home for almost the whole of my gang sometimes." He beams. "My bedrooms really big too if you want to go up to it now?"

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She laughed. "Sure. But you might have to lead so I don't get lost." she said, still amazed.

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He laughs then dances up the stairs, barely a blur. "Hurry up..."

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She rolled her eyes, and tried to go as fast as she could, not even a fourth of his speed. "Seriously?" she laughed

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He beams, "Seriously...."

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((I gotta go. BYES!))

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((Okay. Buhhbyeee.)) Ebony caught up to him, out of breath. She looked at his room. "Shit! Your room IS huge. So is your bed." she giggled.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((Kaley you should join my new group, I Need more peoples!!))

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((what's it called?))

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Kaley {Reality Continues To Ruin My Life} wrote: "((what's it called?))"

((Never Cry wolf, its a werewolf group haha))

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((Ok, il check it out xD)

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) ((OK, thanks!!))

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Antony smirks, "I love it... So will you I think..."

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Ebony giggled before kissing him at the same time as moving hum towards the bed.

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He responds by wrapping his arms around her waist, and standing firm, not moving an inch, but still kissing her.

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Ebony slid her arms under his shirt, beginning to pull it off.

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He moves to make it easier for her, his lips whispering down, over her jaw.

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She finished pulling it off before slightly moaning and pushing ohm down onto the bed.

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He flips them around so he's on top. Being extremely gentle so he doesn't break her.

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She slightly tugged on his pants, as she kissed down his neck to his collarbone and back up.

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Antony nips at her jaw softly, needing her bite as well. His hand went under her shirt, his fingers whispering across her skin.

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She smiled before pulling off her own shirt and running her fingers through his hair.

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"Bite me..." He mutters against her skin as he nips at her.

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She leaned up and looked at him questioningably. "What did you say?"

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((G2G D:))

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"Bite me... big turn on for cannibals..." He laughs.

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((Kay. Reply when you get back on. :))

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((Turtle. XD))

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Lyeta(Laura) wrote: ""Bite me... big turn on for cannibals..." He laughs."

She giggled, before playfully nipping at his neck. "Thats as good as it gets. Cause' I sure as Hell will not bite you." she smiled.

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"If you insist but that doesn't mean that I can't bite you..." He smirks as his hand sneaks up under her shirt. "But in all seriousness, tell me if you want to stop.."

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She rolled her eyes, "Like that'll happen." she said quitetly before smirking. She kissed him deeply, unbuttoning his pants.

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((I forgot her shirt was already off....))
He kisses back, adding a bit of tongue as his fingers tweaked at a nipple.

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She allowed his tounge to touch hers, and fully took off his pants.

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He groans a little, biting her lip again.

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"Antony, I uh, I think I might love you." she said quietly after she pulled away.

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He shocked, but then he smiles at her. "I think I may just love you too."

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She looked deeply into his eyes, and smiled at him, before kissing him again, and moving down on him.

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((So are we gonna write the whole thing? XD XD XD))
He groans little, hands on her buttocks.

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((xD Well, I mean, we could just time skip if you don't wanna :) And, you HAD to say buttocks? Really? Oyu couldn't have just said ass or something?! BAHAA)) Ebony moved lower, and sucked him in..

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((Gotta go))

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((Alright D: Buhbye))

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((Hahahaaha! XD But I would like to write it, I love writing sex scenes, I suck at them though. Oh lol, suck... XD I have a sick mind...))
His hands squeeze her arse, groaning slightly in pleasure.

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((Blahaaa. IKR! They're fun XD To write then Ha!)) she moved back up to his mouth, she couldn't get enough, she wanted more of him.

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((xD... Yes... to write... XD And read... that's coming from the chick who hasn't kissed anyone... ever...
Oh I gotta go. Be back))

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((Baha, I kissed a boy when I was 3. Does tat count? And ok :))

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