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historical fiction

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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments Curtis, C. (1998). The watsons go to birmingham-1963. New York, NY. Scholastic.
The Watsons are going down south to Alabama to visit their grandparents. The children talk about their adventure along the way. Once the Watsons leave the North, they will have a hard time finding a motel that will accept Black people in the South. This story takes place during the bombing of the church where the four little girls died.
I like the way this story flows, from before the family leaves, preparations, to the drive there and back from Alabama. I will use this story with historical fiction because of the references made to the year 1963, racism, and the bombing.

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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments McKissack, P. (2000). Color me dark. New York, NY. Scholastic.
This is a story about two sisters, one has a dark complexion, and the other one has a light complexion. The darker complexion sister is teased and called names because of her darker color. The sister tries to convince the sister of her inner beauty. The family deals with racism, lynchings, and burnings in the South. The family decides to make the great Black Migration North that many Blacks chose to do.
I will use this book for historical fiction to talk about how Black people were treated after the Civil War. I will also talk about civil rights and the great migration North. This story is also good for students who have a darker complexion and are feeling that they are not beautiful because of their complexion.

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