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YA contemporary realistic fiction

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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments 2

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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments Carter, N. (2009). It is what it is.New York, NY. Kensington.
The character Gia is a junior in high school. Her mother has married for the first time, Gia has a step-father, and a new little sister who is a freshman. In this realistic fiction, young adult novel, the characters in this story deal with modern day problems. There is pressure to have or not have sex, be in the “in” crowd or on the “A” list, attend parties, have dates, and make it on the teams.
This is a must read for anyone who is dealing with teen pressures. I enjoyed this novel; I had not read any books by this author before. I decided to get the next book in the series and read it also. Our teens today have peer pressure that they are dealing with, and this story is about how Gia handles the issues in her life.

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