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YA contemporary realistic fiction

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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments Adina, S. (2008). It’s all about us.New York, NY. FaithWords.
The main character is this story is Lissa, her father is a famous movie director, and Lissa is going to a new school. Lissa is bullied by the popular girl in school; she is also pressured to have sex for the first time. Even though Lissa says that she is a Christian, she does not want to admit to being a Christian. She falls in love with the most popular boy on campus who wants her to have sex. Lissa eventually decides to do everything but. Unfortunately for Lissa, the incident is taped and sent to the cell phones of the students at school.
This is a novel that I think that many teens can identify with because of the subject content. Many teens think that it is taboo to still be a virgin, and many whether you are a male or a female. Plus with all of the modern technological gadgets, one does not know whether they are being recorded or not. Many children can identify with being the new person in school and wanting to make friends.

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