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traditional literature

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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments Pinkney, B.(2003).Thumbelina. HarperCollins.
Brian Pinknet retells the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale about Thumbelina. A woman longs for a small child, so a woman gives her magic seeds and tells her to watch them grow. Thumbelena is born, she is really small, and so the woman names her Thumbelena. Thumbelina is taken from her mother by a toad who wants Thumbelena to marry his son. Thumbelena does not want to marry the toad. A swallow rescues Thumbelena and takes her to where there are other people her size, she marries the king, and becomes the queen.
This is a great retelling of this story. The pictures are amazing. Everyone will feel sorry for Thumbelena. I think that boys and girls will like this story. This story could be used to talk about family as well as empathy and friendship. It can also be used to compare and contrast with other tellings of Thumbelina.

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