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Amy Nichols | 25 comments I jumped on the bandwagon with many 4th+ students... Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I have not read the series, but the read goes so quickly that I just might. I would like to read them because many of my students read the series and conference with me about them. The cover alone makes you want to read it. It is graphic as it is written in the form of a sketched comic strip... making it an easy read for students who struggle.

I would recommend this book to boys who are looking for somehting to read or are frustrated - having them read the wimpy kid series boosts confidence and is realistic in nature. WHile the theme is actually "bullying" basically, it is still entertaining to kids. And as long as they are reading, I am happy.

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Amy Nichols | 25 comments I chose the graphic novel Rosa Parks The Life of a Civil Rights Heroine by Rob Shone and illustrated Nick Spender. I was disappointed because i was thinking I would enjoy it since it is a graphic biography and biography is one of my favorite genres. But, it was like the pictures kind of "dumbed it down" or played it like it wasn't something that really happened. I did, however, like the switch from conversation / word bubbles to thinking bubbles to show character's inner thoughts. I enjoyed the "regular" parts of the story which came right at the front and right at the back of the book. There was also a glossary- which would be helpful for kids who struggle with vocabulary within text.

I would possibly recommend this to a student who is studying Civil Rights, or reading an additional biography of Parks- but would not let this be the only source of information.

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