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Amy Nichols | 25 comments The story Four Little Old Men -A (Mostly) True Tale From A Small Cajun Town by Burton Brodt was cute and refreshing. Based on people's lives in Louisiana, Cajun style, these four old men are bored out of their minds. They finally get off of their front porches, and out of their rocking chairs to form kind of a new "gang" of fellows. They go through many entertaining events through the story. The author weaves in Cajun characteristics and the illustrator, Luc Melanson does a nice job of creating the lowlnads of Louisiana. I like that it is a story based on a different part of our country (many historical fiction books take place in places our students aren't familiar with- or they are from a completely far away time frame.
I picked this book up in an antique furniture store- thinking it just caught my eye and I thought it looked interesting. So I bought it, and I finally read it.
I would recommend this book maybe as a read aloud. It has themes of hard work, determination, creativity and friendship. All of which children need to see in multiple settings. These little old Cajun men make for interesting characters, and the group of them are easy to fall in love with.

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Amy Nichols | 25 comments Another book I recently used with my class for writing is The Bat Boy and His Violin. We were given this book in a professional development help this past Summer. It is full of author's craft, a good example of using inner thought / and also dialogue. Many parts of the story lend itself to being a good example for students to use as a mentor text.
The story is about a father and son, mostly. We watch their relationship grow over time. The father is a coach for the "worst" team in baseball. It is during the time of Negro Leagues baseball. His son, not intrested in playing baseball, has much more talent in the music field. He tags along with the team as the bat boy, but Papa isn't much intrested. The boy ends up being a positive contribution to the team, and their relationship blossoms.

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