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Sonya Wilson | 35 comments Grimes, N. (2005). Danitra brown class clown. China. HarperCollins.
This is a poetry book told from the first person point of view of a little girl. She talks about her time in school and how she feels about her teacher, school, and homework. Zuri is the little girl’s name and Danitra is her best friend. Whenever the girl feels sad or lonely, Danitra comes in to help her feel better.

Girls and boys can relate to the poems in this book because all students have anxiety about the first days of school. All students wonder about the new school year, their teacher, friends, and homework. I especially like the poem about homework, Miss Volchek, A World Away, and A Friend In Need, a few of these poems reminded me of myself, because of this, I think that students will like the poems.

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