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Historical Fiction/Biography

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Tricia Schaefers | 15 comments Vera Wang – A Passion for Bridal and Lifestyle Design by Diane Dakers
Vera Wang is known as one of the premier bridal gown designers in the world. She fell into the field of bridal design out of necessity. She was unable to find a gown for her own wedding, so she designed one for herself. Wang’s family came from China. As is the custom in Chinese families, Wang looks to her parents for direction in her life. Her father pushed her towards opening her own bridal store. Wang also worked for many years as an editor at Vogue. Wang’s business has expanded to include many different aspects of a wedding from the gown, to pictures, flowers, and many other areas. Wang has dressed many celebrities and has won many fashion awards.

I enjoyed this book. I know a little about Vera Wang, but it was interesting to learn about her background. I enjoyed learning about how her past has shaped her future. I would recommend it to anyone interested in fashion. It had enough information to keep me interested, but not so much that it was overwhelming.

Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson
The novel begins with 16 year old Hattie at her Aunt and Uncle's house. Both of her parents are dead and she has been bouncing around from relative to relative. She received a letter informing her that she had inheritated land in Montana from an uncle. Hattie was off to Montana. The land would be hers, but she would have to successfully harvest a crop before the deadline or lose everything.

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