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YA Contemporary Realistic Fiction

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Tricia Schaefers | 15 comments Bluford High - Payback by Paul Langan
Tyray is usually the big man at Bluford High. That is until Darrell embarrassed him in front of the whole school. Now, no one respects him and people who he harrassed are now harrassing him. The only way Tyray can think of to get his respect back it by getting a gun and shooting Darrell.
I would recommend this book. It was a good story and even thought it deals with a violent topic, there is not a lot of graphic violence in the book. The Bluford High series is very popular with my students. They can easily relate to the characters and what they are going through.

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Tricia Schaefers | 15 comments Lena by Jacqueline Woodson
Lena and her younger sister Dion were running away from home. Their mom had died and their father was abusive to them. They were hitchhiking from Ohio to Kentucky, where their mothers family is from, and they are hoping to find a home. Along the way, they meet to very kind and caring people. Towards the end, they meet, Miz Lily. Miz Lily figures out that they are on the run, and helps them to re-connect with their friend Marie, whose father agrees to take them in.
This book was hard for me to get into. But once I got about three chapter in, I enjoyed it. I would be concerned about students reading it and thinking hitchhiking is easy and safe, as the bad side of hitchhiking was not discussed, nor was what could happen to young children who hitchhike. Other then that, this was a good story that I would recommend for my students.

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