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Amy Nichols | 25 comments One of my FAVORITE books of all time... Where the Red Fern Grows by Wislon Rawls. The setting is mostly outdoors as the main character Billy spends his time hunting with his 2 dogs Old Dan & Little Ann. They go through many experiences together. Themes of love, faith, determination, friendship and most of all loyalty are woven throughout the whole book. It is a must read for anyone who loves childhood, dogs, and the outdoors.

I would recommend this book when studying the genre of realistic fiction. The book is very well written with details and includes wonderful author's craft. Also in the book is plenty of figurative language.I have used parts of it to help writing a personal narrative in writer's workshop as well. I started the year with this as my read aloud. Upon completion, we watched the movie. Kids preferred, hands down, the novel becuase it is jam-packed with detail and keeps kids wanting more.

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Amy Nichols | 25 comments My Side of the Mountain was recommended to me by one of my peers. I was thrilled to have read this book. As it goes along with one of my favorites, it is a story about a young boy who faces wome challenges. He is living in the wilderness. Sam keeps a diary full of drawings, his thought & reactions, and emotions to situations. He is living off the land to try and find himself. In the story he becomes friends with a falcon. There is also a sequel to this book.

I would recommend this book when reading realistic fiction. It also goes along with the theme of nature, being aware of your surroundings, and independence. Boys and girls alike love this book. I use it as a literature discussion book as well. It strikes many conversations and allows for deeper thinking. A good book to point out to students who are looking for something to read and not finding it.

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